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Living in Singapore: Five ways to fight the hot weather

By: Ezra Gideon

The occasional breeze and trickle of rain don’t change the fact that Singapore is both hot and humid. Since our temperature rises when blood circulation increases, it’s hard to find a way to cool down when we’re constantly on the move. If, like us, you’re tired of feeling sticky all the time, follow these tips to stay cool.



We all know that this plant is often used in beauty products to moisturize the skin because of its menthol properties. It definitely isn’t air conditioning (we’re not factoring that in here, obviously), but it cools the skin and also makes a fantastic remedy for sun burns if the heat really gets to you. The gel directly from the plant is 96% water and is filled with minerals and should be your primary source, but if it’s tedious or costly, beauty products with aloe vera qualities would do.



This beverage is easily accessible in Singapore and does wonders for the body. Recognized as a traditional Chinese medicine, it eradicates ulcers, headaches and indigestions which are all caused by a spike in body temerpature. If chrysanthemum tea is consumed every few hours, you’ll notice that damages from the sun, like heat rashes will disappear. Hot chrysanthemum tea with the original chrysanthemum leaves is the freshest approach and the best option if you’re looking to cool down.



Nothing is quite as bad as losing sleep by sweating profusely thanks to the heat. Your body cools itself at night since blood circulation slows down when resting and having strategically positioned fans in the room can make sleeping with air conditioning almost redundant. Almost. If placed near the windows and set to rotate, fans can push out the stuffy air lingering in the room while bringing in cool evening breezes.



Watermelons and cucumbers are fantastic examples of hydrating eats due to their exceptionally high water content within, along with providing tons of  nutrients! Citrus fruits such as oranges and lime are the most cooling among the lot, with properties that help maintain healthy skin and contributes tremendously to breaking down fatty foods. Toss these things together with cooled veggies and you’ll have a meal that can keep you healthy and fight the heat! Or if you’re tight for time, a smoothie would do too!

If you're excited to get your 'Friday night drinks', bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated! 

It’s quite a stereotype for citizens of the winter to drink some alcohol to keep them warm, but seeing as this is Singapore, the opposite should be the case, yes? Alcohol causes your blood volume to heighten and as a result, more blood rises to the surface of your skin, making you feel warmer as a whole. This explains why some people turn red and heat up quickly. Not to mention that the spike in blood pressure causes your body to dehydrate.