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‘Lifestyle Illnesses’: How to ensure they’re covered on your health insurance in Singapore

Giving you a healthy, helping hand
Giving you a healthy, helping hand


During the last century, scientific developments – such as the invention of vaccinations and antibiotics – have helped eliminate highly destructive diseases and bacterial illnesses that had claimed hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the course of history. As these illnesses have been increasingly on the way out, however, a new type of illness has been steadily on the rise. Here, Pacific Prime Singapore, an independent insurance advice agency, will guide you through precisely what living in a developed country in 2013 means for your health, and how best you can avoid so-called ‘lifestyle illnesses’ becoming your – and your insurer’s – biggest problem.

‘Chronic conditions’ and ‘lifestyle illnesses’ are terms that crop up increasingly often in the stratosphere of 21st-century health, and you may well wonder what these terms actually denote. Well, in essence, they refer to those conditions attributed to the huge changes that have undergone human lifestyles in the developed world in the past hundred years or so. Primarily, the types of sickness that fall into this category are conditions such as various types of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

These illnesses are generally attributed to the behaviour of humans; for example, factors include an unhealthy diet, a lack of exercise, heavy smoking and the consumption of alcohol. These are diseases of civilization, stemming from developments and improvements in the planet’s resources, rather than a lack of them. Fast food, new technologies and the invention of worldwide transport network have all contributed to the unhealthiness of 20th and 21st century citizens in some way.

These diseases become more apparent as people in developed countries are living longer. With a rapidly aging population, a higher percentage of Singapore’s citizens – including its expatriates – are becoming more susceptible to diseases of longevity such as Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, cirrhosis, strokes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is the best way to protect yourself from lifestyle diseases, as in this case prevention is far preferable to cure. It’s also important, however, to prepare for your own future and that of your loved ones in terms of finance and healthcare, should you no longer be able to provide for them financially. Moreover, it’s vital to note that some health insurance policies will not cover you for chronic conditions or lifestyle illnesses, even if you’ve taken out a plan with an insurer. As a result, it’s incredibly important that you check the details of your policy very carefully or, preferably, be certain you know exactly what your plan covers before you buy. This is why finding the best possible health insurance cover is essential in terms of both financial and medical security, as well as for peace of mind.

Pacific Prime cross-compares health insurance providers and can use your details to help you source the best possible health insurance coverage to suit your medical needs. Pacific Prime Singapore is an insurance advisory agency that offers professional, independent advice on insurance coverage.