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Ladies’ guide to stereotypical men at the bar

By: Lucy Cleeve

As a woman, I am pleading with fellas to avoid becoming one of these stereotypes at the bar. It doesn’t end well for anyone involved.



Banker Boy
HOW TO SPOT HIM: Watch out for cufflinks twinkling in the moonlight. This boy is preened and pretty with a neat, waxed quiff. He smells pretty good too.
WHY HE’S A DO: Get some tips on investing or what to sell, sell, sell.
WHY HE’S A DON’T: Always talking about money? Boring.


'There aren't that many companies that can claim a higher brand loyalty than sport' 

Sports Freak
HOW TO SPOT HIM: The clever, sweat-free fabric of his well filled-out top is a dead giveaway, as is his order of “just a water, thanks” at the bar. And the fancy (used) trainers.
WHY HE’S A DO: A six-pack that’s not made of beer, and free personal training. Tick.
WHY HE’S A DON’T: He’ll be too tired to go out after his run.



IT Geek
HOW TO SPOT HIM: He’s wired, he’s inspired, he’s probably wearing headphones. This man is the future. He will have robots working for him soon. Get on board.
WHY HE’S A DO: Problems connecting your Wi-fi? You have a personal helpdesk at your beck and call.
WHY HE’S A DON’T: Want to talk about something … normal? Sorry. Cannot.



Eco Warrior
HOW TO SPOT HIM: You may smell him before you catch a glimpse of his excess facial hair, swarthy build and bandana.
WHY HE’S A DO: You can finally have an intelligent conversation about global warming and you are the proud adoptive mother of a grizzly bear in Alaska.
WHY HE’S A DON’T: Aircon is banned and he won’t go on holiday with you. You know, carbon footprint and all that.