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Kids tech classes: What can your children learn?

Looking for something fun for your tech crazy kids? Expect grins and a whole lot of excitement when you enrol them into the latest technology classes in town. Pick from a host of educational courses and camps including robotics, programming, coding, gaming and 3D printing. Not only will they have fun but they’ll be equipped with useful vocational skills.

Nothing says futuristic fun like robots. Have your kids ready for the rapid advancements in technology by enrolling them in robotics classes. At The Keys Academy, children from as young as four can enjoy the hands-on experience of building robots – from imagining and building to finally watching their robots come to life.

What they will learn:
Kids will learn programming and engineering concepts including circuits, sequential logic, magnetism, kinematics and block programming. Have your kids harness their creativity and apply the concepts they learn into their robot creations. They will learn that their own imaginations are the most powerful ‘instruction manuals’ to ever exist!

Cost: $960 (12 classes)

Duration: Two hours per class (1.5 hours for ages 4 to 5)

Looking for more? They also offer 3D design and printing, coding and a variety of holiday camps, including programming and game design.

The Keys Academy
331 North Bridge Road, Odeon Towers Level Two
6734 8559 | thekeysenrichment.com

Making 3D printed spectacles at Whizz Kidz
Making 3D printed spectacles at Whizz Kidz

3D Printing
Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when they’re told they can imagine anything they wish…and print it out! Children seven and above can take part in Whizz Kidz’s Dr Droid Camp, where they’ll try their hand at 3D design and printing.

What they will learn:
Kids will learn how to use 3Doodler pens and desktop 3D printers as well as Sketch-up, a computer programme used in the tech and architectural industry. The camp’s hands-on approach will allow them to appreciate the usefulness of technology and what the future holds – think 3D printed organs, prosthetics and food.

Cost: $440 (Use the code “united we can” to receive a 10% discount)

Duration: 9am to 2pm (Monday to Friday)

Looking for more? They also offer a variety of holiday camps including science, robotics, movie-making, birthday events and after-school activities.

Whizz Kidz
213 Henderson Road
6271 1478 | whizzkidz.com.sg

Creating video games at the Children's Worklab
Creating video games at the Children’s Worklab

Video Game Design
Have kids who are into gaming? Send them to Children’s WorkLab’s camp where kids aged seven and up can explore programming and learn about what goes into creating a game. They’ll even get to create their own!

What they will learn:
Kids will explore 2D and platform games using a graphical software that teaches logic and programming. They’ll learn the fundamentals of game design, including planning, theming and storyboarding, as well as understand how different commands come together to form a game. Through the designing process, your future game designers will gain problem-solving and planning skills.

Cost: $499

Duration: 2 to 3 hours (Monday to Friday)

Looking for more? They also offer a variety of classes and holiday camps including robotics, animation, video editing and Lego engineering.

Children’s WorkLab
583 Orchard Road, #02-K1 Forum Shopping Centre
6887 4547 | worklab.com.sg

Having fun with coding at First Code Academy
Having fun with coding at First Code Academy

Thanks to the rising demand for programmers, coding classes for kids are all the rage these days. Give your kids a head start by sending them to First Code Academy for coding lessons. Kids aged six and above will not only learn coding but also develop communication and critical thinking skills.

What they will learn:
Kids will go through the process of creating mobile apps and games that we use on a daily basis – from idea to creation. They will learn a variety of programmes, including Scratch for younger kids and web applications with Javascript for older kids. Have your kids gain confidence and express their creativity as they come up with original apps and games.

Cost: $675 to $1080 (9 classes)

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Looking for more? Besides weekly classes, they also offer week-long coding holiday camps that introduce kids to different areas of programming, including Minecraft modding.

First Code Academy
#04-13, Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road,
6820 2633 | firstcodeacademy.com

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