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Kids’ birthday parties in Singapore: Your handy checklist

Every birthday party should be a special occasion. Whether it’s the first, the seventh or the 13th, make a fuss! Read on for our handy checklist to determine what you need to pull off the perfect bash for little ones.

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Party Checklist
Take the stress out of what should be a fun day for all with our list of ten things to remember when planning a party, whether at home or at another venue.

1. Set a budget and work out how much you want to spend on each component (food, games, favours, and so on).

2. Choose a date and time. Check that the venue, equipment, entertainers and caterers will be available.

3. Where will the party be held? Indoors or outdoors? At home, at the park, at a play centre? Think about the age of the guests and their safety. Consider the weather, too. If it’s to be held outdoors, a marquee will provide shelter from sun and rain. It is also advisable to have a wet-weather programme as a back-up plan.

4. Compile the guest list: the entire class, or just a few close friends?


5. Will the party have a theme? Movies, princesses, superheroes, pirates, fairies, ghosts, goblins; the list is endless. If you wish to keep things at their simplest, colour themes are also fun!

6. Send out invitations at least two weeks beforehand. Don’t forget to include the birthday child’s name, the date and time of the party, the location, a phone number for RSVPs, and whether or not the parents need to stay. Remember to state the estimated finishing time of the party so that parents will know when to pick up their children.

7. Decide on the decorations: balloons, streamers, anything related to the theme. Plan what food will be served and what equipment will be needed. Avoid food that children tend to be allergic to. If adults are staying, remember to cater for them. Plan what to include in the take-home favour bags.


8. Don’t forget the cake. While highly customised cakes are popular, they usually need to be ordered well in advance. Estimate the total number of guests who will turn up in order to  gauge how big the cake should be. Be it homemade or store-bought, keep in mind that certain types of cake do not last for long in the open.

9. Think about age-appropriate games and activities, what equipment is needed (bouncy castles, toys and so on) and how much space is available. Party entertainers (from face-painters and clowns to magicians and princess-pamperers) are a fun idea, but not suitable for toddlers.

10. If you’re running the party on your own, enlist help from other parents, family members and entertainers. Designate one person to be the photographer (make sure the camera battery is fully charged) or hire a professional photographer to do the work. Also, keep a well-stocked first-aid kit handy for any mishaps.