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Jewellery in Singapore: Distinctive designs to wear day or night

We’re head over heels with independent brand Polysemy’s whimsical and free-spirited designs, which feature necklaces and bracelets with memorable, inspiring phrases – they’re guaranteed to make you smile! We had a chat with Polysemy co-founder Laura Vlad about their latest designs.


What inspired your summer collection?

The beach! We wanted to design jewellery that you can wear all day, whether at work or play. We then connected this to the fact that every time you think of going on a holiday, it makes you want to smile. When you close your eyes and think of the messages on our tags, your mind drifts to tropical beaches where you can hear the waves crashing on the shore, and feel your feet sinking into soft sand.

How did you choose the phrases that are on the new tags?

We chose from books, everyday life, movies, songs, social media feeds, friends, and family – all of these things inspire us when creating new collections. We always start a new project thinking of a variety of phrases, then we narrow them down to fun, inspirational messages that can convey emotions in three to four words. We’ve taken to playing with the tags on our “Sun, Sand, Summer” bracelet while we’re at our desks, and it’s instantly energising and uplifting!

We love the new dainty cord bracelets.

Thanks! The cord material is related to summer fun. When heading off on holiday or for a quick coastal visit, we don’t want to take valuable jewellery. Instead, we take along versatile trinkets that are lower-maintenance. Our cord tag bracelets are created to be a constant companion on your next vacation.

What do you feel this collection adds to the brand?

The Beach Collection is the most fun and complex range we’ve created so far, because each piece expresses an emotion. Our first two collections, Four Elements and Hear a Wish, focused on symbolic meaning and statement pieces. This range has a new delicate, feminine yet powerful feel that will resonate with many women. The Polysemy woman is a powerhouse at home and in the office, but when she needs to recharge her batteries she heads out into the great outdoors. 

Shop the new collection online at polysemy.com. For more on jewellery, click here.