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Jersey Boys: Book your tickets for this must-see musical in Singapore


This musical will get toes tapping, even if you can only recall a couple of The Four Seasons’ hit tunes such as Walk Like A Man and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Most people have only a vague idea about the backstory of the band, and lead singer Frankie Valli, who had their first hits in the 1960s and sold a phenomenal 175 million records. But this is a story that is well worth seeing.

Frankie Valli is the household name with the incredible voice, but the band members behind him, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi, are powerful characters in their own right. Gaudio was the song-writing genius who kept his eyes on the accounting books. DeVito had the gift of the gab and was street smart; while Massi, played bass guitar and was the fourth essential voice which contributed to the unique sound.


The pace of Jersey Boys is fast as the actors chart the rise of the group from the rough streets of New Jersey, through the bust-ups and reunions, trouble with the law, financial problems and relationship highs and lows. The accents are genuine, broad Italian-American peppered with the rough street vernacular of the day. Through the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, each of the band members recounts his version of events. Each scene is generously accompanied by their numerous toe-tapping hits, which come sweet and fast.

Jersey Boys has toured globally and scored a Tony Award in 2006. This production is South African-based, and features an incredibly talented cast who give 100 percent until the curtain falls. The songs span the saccharine-sweet falsetto of Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You to the disco hit Oh What a Night. It’s a credit to the cast and producers that the audience is mesmerised for over two hours, revelling in the pure musical harmonies of these incredible entertainers.

See it before 17 February at Marina Bay Sands Theatre.

Tuesday to Sunday at 8pm. Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.