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Jane Takes the Stage in The Vortex

This month, British-American actress JANE SEYMOUR makes her Asian theatre debut in Noël Coward’s The Vortex, presented by the British Theatre Playhouse. We caught up with the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning star – famous for such roles as Solitaire in the Bond filmLive or Let Die, and Dr Michaela Quinn in the TV dramaDr Quinn: Medicine Woman– to find out what we can expect from the much-anticipated drama, and what else she’s got coming up this year.

We chat with the incredible Jane Seymour about her role in The Vortex 

In The Vortex, you play scandalous socialite Florence Lancaster. What attracted you to the role?

She is a woman before her time – a woman whose vanity is such that she refuses to age. The damage that she causes to her family, especially her son, is what really attracted me to the project – plus, Noël Coward, who I had the extraordinary opportunity of meeting in my youth.

How did you prepare for the part?

I researched a look for the period and, as a mother of four sons, I was inspired for the final sequence.

What can audiences expect from the show as a whole?

It’s a play that was very scandalous in the early 1920s, though not as frivolous as most of Noël Coward’s plays. It shows us how different the world was for a woman in the 1920s compared with today, and a relationship between a mother and son that needs serious repair.

The Vortex will not only mark your first theatre debut in Asia, but your first live theatre role since Amadeus in 1979. What made you return to the theatre, and what are you most looking forward to from the experience?

I love a challenge. And I remember loving theatre, and the response that the audience is able to give you. I’m excited to work with our director, and to do a play that’s not often performed in such a wonderful location as the theatre at Raffles.

What do you hope to see and do while you’re in Singapore?

When I’m not working I hope to see as much as I possibly can; maybe I should stay on for a couple of days at the end of the run to be a tourist!

What else are you working on this year?

I have a number of independent movies – Bereave Me Not with Malcolm McDowell and Keith Carradine, High Strung, Mistrust, Praying for Rain, Scout, and the British television series, Hooten and the Lady.

You just turned 65 and look as fabulous as ever. What keeps you looking and feeling so young?

Being actively involved with my grandchildren and constantly creating – as an actress, artist and producer. I eat a healthy diet and work out when I have time. I’m trying to age gracefully!

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