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Invisible helmet

Invisible helmet 

Every now and then a genius but simple invention revolutionises an industry, like cats eyes for night-driving or tin cans for food preservation. Now it’s cycling’s turn thanks to the Hövding.

The airbag helmet is worn like a collar and will automatically inflate if the internal sensors detect abnormal movement similar to a crash situation. It was developed by two Swedes for a university project and after nearly ten years of research, design and testing it’s now available to buy having passed the obligatory cycle helmet tests to obtain the European CE marking. 

Insurance company Folksam also recently tested it against 13 of the most popular helmets for adults in Sweden. “Hövding was more than three times as good as the best conventional cycle helmet,” says Helena Stigson, traffic researcher at Folksam. The collar comes with a removable, washable shell and costs SEK3,998.