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International schools in Singapore: This IB and IGCSE school join award-winning global schools network

Big changes are afoot at One World International School (OWIS) on the East Coast. Head of School Gregor Polson gives us the inside scoop.

Tell us the big news.

Since its opening in 2008, OWIS has been an independent international school, but on 1 August of this year, the school was acquired by the Global Schools Foundation (GSF).

What is the Global Schools Foundation?

Since its inception in 2002, the Global Schools Foundation has provided quality education to the expatriate community and achieved international recognition for excellence. GSF follows high standards in governance, established academic criteria and well-administered management processes to achieve its mission: to cultivate and nurture students to become global leaders of the future. The Foundation has a network of award-winning schools with 20 campuses across seven countries in Asia and the Middle East, and has students from over 50 nationalities.


What does the acquisition by GSF mean for the school?

Essentially, it guarantees the long-term future of the school, and the transition to a new campus, which was an ambition of the original school board. In the meantime, the current campus will undergo extensive improvement to facilities and learning resources, including an immediate investment in IT.

There are dozens of international schools in Singapore; what, in your opinion, sets OWIS apart?

It’s important for parents to make the right choice, and what makes us very different is our atmosphere and ethos. There’s an authentic feeling of intimacy and care, everyone knowing everyone else. Typically, our class sizes are from 12 to 18 students, which allows time for more teacher-pupil interaction. At the heart of great learning is when students and teachers have the opportunity to explore, learn and give feedback on their joint journey of discovery.

Tell us about the curriculum; will this change with the transition to GSF?

The curriculum won’t change. We will continue to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme supplemented with best practices from several national curricula. We benchmark our school using the International Student Assessment (ISA) overseen by the Australian Council of Educational Research. These are external assessments in English and mathematics, and we consistently meet, if not exceed, the standard of any other international school.

In Middle School, the students follow a flexible curriculum which prepares them to start the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme in Grade 9.

Are there plans to extend the schooling beyond Grade 8?

Starting in the 2016/17 school year, we will offer Grade 9 to our students, and Grade 10 will be offered the year after that. After this, we plan to offer the IB Diploma and provide a complete K-12 schooling. This is something OWIS has always wanted to do, but with the help of GSF it will become a reality.

Admission, fees and school tours

While the school year runs from August to June, OWIS accepts students throughout the year, subject to availability. Early Childhood fees start from $14,892 and Grade 8 fees from $26,719. Invoices are sent monthly over a 10-month cycle. For year-round school tours, contact the Admissions Officer, Mrs Gill, at 6542 2285 or email gillj@owis.org.

One World International School is located at 696 Upper Changi Road East, 6542 2285