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International relocation companies: Reader recommendations

Everyone has heard the tales of broken china, chipped crystal, big burly men stomping through hallways and knocking priceless works of art off the walls as they go – and  sales reps who simply won’t return calls. Horror stories about moving home abound. On the bright side, here are some of your chosen relocation companies that well and truly deliver the goods.

international relocation companies, singapore

Geometra Worldwide Movers

(+65) 6841 7880

When we recently moved into a black-and-white house in Singapore, a girlfriend recommended Angelika from Crossroads (www.crossroads.com.sg), who did a wonderful job of surveying our home and gathering quotations from different moving companies. Geometra not only offered the best value, but could also handle moving our collection of Asian artworks.

They took a list of our high-risk items – including my son’s rocking horse, which had been broken in a previous move – and packed everything with extreme care. They even wrote ‘HANDLE WITH LURV!’ on the box for my son’s room, which was very cute.

Their attention to detail paid off. Not a single thing was broken or damaged and we had quite a few laughs with the fellows working on the day.

Simone Lourey – Australia

international relocation companies, singapore

Allied Pickfords

(+65) 6862 4700

I moved from Rotterdam to Singapore with my wife and three grown children last February. Allied Pickfords took care of any concerns we might have had about the relocation process.

All the staff members knew exactly what was going on at every step, because of their excellent communication. They packed all of our belongings, from small personal items to furniture, and everything arrived in Singapore without a scratch – including our brand new flat-screen television.

This was our first move overseas, and it went well, but I am aware that things can go wrong when you move your belongings to another country. I have heard of cases where companies have not met the clients’ expectations, but Allied met all of ours. They treated our belongings with the utmost respect and handled them the way we would have done ourselves.

Sjieuw Kamstra – Netherlands

international relocation companies, singapore

Asian Tigers KC Dat

(+65) 6261 8116

During the move, two customer relations officers, Amber and Nancy, paid us several visits to check whether everything was okay. They also arranged for a handyman to come to the old premises to patch up the holes where our paintings had been hung.

While we were moving, I purchased a teak garden-set from an expat garage sale. The team leader actually went to the address, picked up the furniture and delivered it to our new house.

My husband Andrew is the Hollandse Club president and has a large archive of books, magazines and such. Since there wasn’t enough storage space for them, KC Dat kindly agreed to become a Hollandse Club sponsor and gave us some of their strong book cartons. We are still very grateful to managing director Gordon Bell.

I work as a relocation consultant for Asian Welcome, and I recommend KC Dat to all of my new expat customers.

Leonie Baartscheer – Netherlands

international relocation companies, singapore

Oxford Van Lines

(+65) 6266 5900

We moved home within Singapore last June, and I can honestly say it was the smoothest move we’ve experienced so far. Everything went according to plan, the movers were punctual, and everyone involved was extremely courteous.

We were given two teams of movers, with about six men in each. The first team moved us out of the old place, and the new team moved us into the new one. With so many people helping, plus three small trucks, it was all very efficient, and none of our breakables were damaged despite the speed of the move.

Although the company does offer a package that includes unpacking and putting away belongings, they give you the flexibility of doing it yourself. Since I wanted to put things away myself, I was happy to be given the choice.

Monica Gonzales – Colombia

international relocation companies, singapore

Santa Fe Relocation Services

(+65) 6398 8588

When my family and I moved here from Puerto Rico, Santa Fe was excellent – and having moved country five times, we are somewhat of an authority on relocation companies. The crew was very professional, unpacking every last box and putting all of our belongings away in an appropriate location.

On the last day of unpacking, I told the crew supervisor that I wanted to rearrange the furniture in one of the bedrooms, and asked him to help me as my husband was out of town. He agreed immediately, and the team ended up rearranging the furniture in each of the bedrooms to give us more space.

Santa Fe took great care of our valuables, helped us hang paintings and put up shelves one week after the move, and continue to update us on events happening in Singapore.

Angeliki Adam – Colombia

international relocation companies, singapore

SIR Move Services

(+65) 6534 7345

Before we moved from Singapore to Perth in March this year, I received quotes from five different companies. I wanted to use SIR because, although they aren’t the biggest company, they were focused on service and made us feel that our needs and concerns were important.

Vincent came the week before the move to go through every detail. During the move he brought us drinks and snacks, and stopped in to see how the work was progressing. We were able to contact him at any time.

When Vincent found out that our dog had died the day before the move, he assured me that they could stop packing if I wanted them to, and even brought me flowers the next day.

The packing team were all very respectful of our belongings, and great with my four children. Everything was well packed and they were incredibly quick. They made a difficult and stressful move much easier.

Rebecca Anderson – Australia

international relocation companies, singapore

Vanpac International

(+65) 6262 1300

I will be moving back to the US in May and Vanpac has helped me with two shipments. The way they packed up and delivered the first shipment filled me with so much confidence that I didn’t think twice before using them again for the second load. I have many breakable items and not one of them – not even a glass – was broken.

I chose them because out of the companies that I looked at initially, they appeared to be the most professional. They are in the people business and have a very positive attitude towards their employees. Everybody was extremely courteous and there was always someone on-hand when I had a question.

The US branch is just as good as the one in Singapore, and I have no doubt that if I were to move again I would use Vanpac.

Tim Asher – US





international relocation companies, singapore

(+65) 6587 7161

Before I relocated from Hong Kong to Singapore last June, I contacted a number of removal companies and they all quoted double the amount my company allocated as a transfer allowance. Then I spoke to Relocasia.

They explained that the quotes I had been given were based on a full crate. Since I didn’t have a huge amount of furniture, they tailored a solution to fit my budget constraints.

The removal team was quick and efficient, and everything was transferred in good order with no breakages – and unpacked with similar efficiency. I also have some sports memorabilia that is particularly important to me, and again solutions were given for transferring these items, and again all goods arrived in the condition they were when they were packed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Relocasia. They were a pleasure to deal with.

Michael Wrigley – England

international relocation companies, singapore

Crown Relocation

(+65) 6861 6818

We’ve used Crown Relocation several times, and they have always been wonderful. When we moved here from Hong Kong in January, we had a lady team member joining the men to unpack.

Her job was to unpack all of the kitchenware plus the clothing and personal items for the master bedroom. She put away everything in such an organised fashion that I could begin cooking and using the kitchen immediately. She made great suggestions about to how to organise my china, pots and pans, and bedroom closet. This was a huge time-saver and really helped me feel settled in my new home.

A Crown representative even brought us a bag of goodies, including treats for my children and books with helpful settling-in tips.
The movers were great! They carried  a heavy TV cabinet up many flights of stairs with no complaints – even when they couldn’t turn a corner and had to carry it back down again.

Andrea Belman – US

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