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Get inspired: Interior design and home styling ideas

Calling in the interior design experts to help sprinkle some style on your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It can be as simple as getting some advice on spatial planning, reupholstering and adding a handful of soft furnishings, or just picking one room in your home to work on at a time – at least, that’s what E&A Interiors’ partner and interior decorator Chlöe Elkerton advises. “Of course, we do full and light home renovations, but we work on plenty of smaller projects, from room to room, to purely changing a textile on a chair or ottoman, which can also make a big difference.”

Wallpaper and Soft Furnishings

Interior design duo Chloe and her partner Elizabeth Hay set up E&A in 2013, and their range of striking textiles and wallpapers can now be seen in many Singapore homes. “Wallpaper makes a great addition to a home – it’s a really simple way to add character. Even if you’re only there for a couple of years, it’s easy to put up, and easy enough to take off!”

Similarly, choosing a favourite chair to reupholster, or finding second-hand pieces such as bar stools that need a little love – and re-covering – can add finesse without breaking the bank. E&A Interiors has over 35 different fabric and wallpaper brands to choose from, from original hand woven products to hand printed or blocked fabrics.

Colour and Custom Furniture

Your interior decorator will ask you exactly how you want to use each space earmarked for change, so be prepared to answer plenty of questions, and supply pictures. Design Intervention was recently briefed to create a stylish family home full of life and colour, and with distinct areas for entertaining. The layout had to work for entertaining, and include a relaxing family area. Using an adventurous colour palette, the aim was to create a unique home.

Custom made sofas Design Intervention
By making bespoke pieces, including these sofas, Design Intervention are able to tailor everything to work seamlessly together.

Creating Balance

Priya Naik, owner and interior decorator at Interior Design Journey, says that by ensuring the right balance of colours, patterns and textures in your furnishings you can give any space a new lease of life. “Also, don’t forget the importance of soft furnishings and accessories, which are key to pulling your spaces together.”

Black and white house interior design
Custom curtains and cushions, new ceiling lights and a fun coastal colour palette give this black and white a new lease of life.

She recently worked on a black and white home makeover, where the brief was to create a functional home, including space to entertain guests. “The client was moving to a larger landed rental home, and needed spatial planning to make the best use of the new spaces both indoors and outdoors. They also wanted to take this opportunity to upgrade their furniture.” Priya sourced new furnishings, including a sofa, side table, cushions, throws, artwork, stools, table lamps, a coffee table and accessories, while keeping a few of the existing pieces such as the television console, rug and outdoor furniture. “Using teals, aquas and blues gives this a fun coastal vibe, which works well in this colonial black and white home.”

Stylists’ Secrets

Caroline Chin-Geyler, owner and lead stylist at Arete Culture says a stylist’s job is to recreate a client’s vision and bring it to life, so be upfront about what you actually want. Interior design is about how people experience a space, so a good interior designer or decorator will understand how to design around certain living conditions, while making your home a reflection of who you are. “We work with many renters and expats, and feel it’s important to create a home that is ‘takeaway-friendly’, so if and when the homeowners move to a new space they should be able to easily move the furniture and accessories with them.

Sophisticated bedroom Arete Culture
By keeping the colour palette restrained and incorporating different textures, Arete kept to the client’s brief of a clean and sophisticated look.

Spatial flow is also vital to a home. Using a colour palette that is echoed room to room can help with a cohesive flow throughout. “A colour must be used in a room at least three times – it can be in artwork, fabric, furniture, accents, but it must be used thrice at least to feel complete in a room. Also, a room must engage all the senses by not only looking but feeling great in a tactile sense, and smell great too!”

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