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Insider tips for property investment? We’re all ears

New to property investment? It’s important not to enter into it blindly, but get the help of professionals. Many questions may be running through your mind: where to invest, when to invest and what to look out for. So, we’ve chatted with real estate experts in Singapore, Australia and the UK to get their handy tips and recommendations. You’re welcome!


Infolio Property Advisors

Infolio Property Advisors are Melbourne-based buyer’s agents and property advisors specialising in home buying and property investing throughout Melbourne’s inner blue chip suburbs. Properties are purchased for investors and owner occupiers by Infolio.


When purchasing property, focus on capital growth and follow a strict purchasing model to avoid the effects of any financial instability across the property markets. Ideally, you need to be close to the city, have easy access to public transport and proximity to lifestyle amenities, cafés, villages and parks. These characteristics appeal to the masses. We also recommend avoiding large developments or areas with oversupply.

Hear from the experts

“Typically speaking, property selected using historical capital growth data will continue to grow in value when reviewed over a period of seven to 10 years. The Melbourne median increased by 7.6% in the first quarter of this year alone. Accordingly, our view is to buy and hold rather than wait to buy. In addition, not all property is good property. Regardless of being an owner occupier or an investor, quality selection and due diligence is key to a well-performing asset.” – Lauren Staley, Managing Director

infolio.com.au | info@infolio.com.au


Grant Property

Grant Property Edinburgh
Find some lovely properties in Edinburgh

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Grant Property has over 20 years’ experience in the UK property market. It provides end-to-end services including identifying property opportunities, renovations, bespoke furnishing packages and property management.

Instead of just offering a portfolio of properties to choose from, the company offers a personalised service. They match client investment strategy with available investment opportunities. Information such as the end value, yield and rental income of the properties recommended will be provided.


The company actively invests in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester as these locations offer reliable income, long-term capital appreciation and high rental returns of 6% and more.

Hear from the experts

“UK residential property is a secure investment which, despite market turbulence and economic fluctuations, consistently generates high returns with low volatility” – John Moran, Managing Director

“Our first tip for buying well is to secure traditional properties as they are higher yielding than new builds and hold their value better over time. Also, buy in prime locations such as city centres or big university towns as these are rental hotspots with great potential for occupancy” – Nicole Perry, Associate Director of Investment



Prosperity Wealth

Prosperity Wealth the beckett house derby midlands
The Beckett House in Derby, The Midlands, which will serve young professionals. Prices start at GBP79,000.

Prosperity Wealth offers buy-to-let property investment plans. Choose from unique payment plans that will allow you to build up an initial deposit with manageable monthly instalments.


Some of the areas with higher rental yield are outside London. Birmingham is one such property hotspot, due in part to the upcoming High Speed train line. Annual house prices in Walsall in the West Midlands are also increasing steadily. Eighty miles north of London is Peterborough, which is an area of long-term sustainable economic growth. Mansfield is also becoming popular for residential property investment with its vibrant streets and amenities. Another great property investment area is Southend, which is within commuting distance to London.

Hear from the experts

“With record-breaking population growth over the last decade, demand for rental property has almost doubled. Don’t be intimidated by the property market. Most people know that property is a great investment but various factors – including high initial deposits – prevent them from taking that first step. We advise our clients to think carefully about rental yield – the amount of rent generated as a percentage of the property value.” Joe Billingham, Chairman

prosperity-wealth.co.uk | findoutmore@prosperity-wealth.co.uk



Property Guru The Venue Residence in Singapore
The gorgeous pool at The Venue Residence in Singapore

PropertyGuru is a Singapore-based online company that gives advice and helps buyers, sellers and investors make property decisions.


There are various popular and up-and-coming properties that you’ll want to keep your eye on. Venue Residences is located conveniently next to Potong Pasir MRT and will be ready in the second half of 2017. Another new launch is Martin Modern in River Valley, next to Great World City. Ready for moving in and close to nature, Brooks Signature is a freehold landed home estate. Another popular property is Seaside Residences which is selling fast.

Hear from the experts

“Research is one of the most important steps in the property buying journey. We advise home seekers to check out PropertyGuru’s in-depth expert Project Reviews to get a better sense of the liveability and future potential of the projects.” – Winston Lee, Regional Head for Special Projects



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