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Insider secrets to getting a taxi in Singapore

If, like us, you’ve got every imaginable taxi app and hotline programmed as favourites on your mobile, you’ll know all too well the stress of standing road-side, frantically jumping between various apps or on hold (with that super-annoying music), to see who will come through with a car and a competent driver.

Throw in driver shift change, (aarrgghh!), punishing weather, stressful phone checking – perhaps also a crying child – and that’s some seriously raised blood pressure!

Which is why you have to try this little lifestyle gem that has become an absolute must have Singapore-accessory… the ‘Flash’ feature on the Grab app.

It’s so simple, and it works.

Grab taxi cab Singapore getting cabs in Singapore best way
Be that person who can always get a cab, rain or shine.

What is Flash?
It’s a single button in the Grab app that gives you access to Singapore’s largest combined fleet of taxis and private cars to deliver you a ride quickly. (Did you know Grab has more vehicles than any other app in Singapore?)

How does it work?
By hitting the Flash button, your booking reaches out to all Standard Taxis and GrabCars on the Grab platform – and they’ll assign you the nearest available driver! So that means no more desperately switching between various apps, trying your luck with taxi operator hotlines as the rain clouds roll in and waiting for the victorious ‘ping’ of a confirmation text which never seems to come.

Sounds amazing, but is it more expensive?
Nope. Flash isn’t more expensive than a direct booking of a taxi or a private car. Plus, you’re actually notified of Grab’s fixed GrabCar fare and estimated taxi fare up front before you proceed with the booking, so there’ll be no nasty surprises on cost either.

Grab taxi getting a cab in Singapore
Make the ‘Flash button’ your friend – it’s the circle with the two blue cars and the little lightning bolt!

It’s super simple, here’s how to use it:
If you’re not already a Grab fan, download or update to the latest version of the Grab app through Google Play or App Store and register your account for free.

  1. Enter your Pick-up and Drop-off points.
  2. Choose your payment option.
  3. Instead of selecting either the GrabTaxi or GrabCar icons which you’d usually use, tap the Flash button – that’s the circle with the two blue cars and the little lightning bolt – on the bottom right of the app screen! Flash will send through the estimated cost then find you the nearest available driver.

It really is that simple.

Plus, you also get the option to track your driver, know their exact location and estimated time of arrival in real-time and to share your trip details with loved ones for added safety or even just to let them know you’re on your way.

Give it a try, we guarantee it’ll quickly become a firm favourite for those tough rushed spots!

More info about Flash | Check out the Flash infographic

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