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Image consultant and nutritionist in Singapore: A day in the life with Aileen Lane


6.30amMy day usually starts to chants of “Mama, Mama” – that’s Jack, my two-year-old, proclaiming to the world that he is awake and good to go.
7.30amBreakfast, a quick shower and playtime.
8.45amDrop Jack at playschool. Luckily. his school is only a three-minute walk away.
9.15amStart work. Answer emails and post a blog post or two up on my website.
10.00amTime for my first client appointment. This is usually a nutritional client, they come to see me once a week for ten weeks for a weigh-in and a lesson in nutrition. I emphasise the importance of a plant-based diet in long-term weight maintenance and health. This teaches people to change their eating habits so they choose healthier options in the long run. I have had excellent success, clients lose between six to 12kg over the 10-week course. It feels great helping clients to feel great.
12 noonCollect Jack, feed him lunch and put him down for his nap.
12.30amI usually see my image service clients in the afternoon. I offer a number of different image services, from colour analysis, figure and style analysis, makeup and grooming to shopping and wardrobe management. I also train image consultants, which works well with my life as a working mum because I can schedule classes around Jack’s nap times. This is my favourite part of the job.
3pmGrab some lunch and head on a play date with Jack.
5pmFamily time with my husband and Jack. I am ever thankful that I have a supportive husband and an excellent helper, which allows me to have a career I love as well as spend time with Jack.
8pmI’m not too wrecked, I’ll go for a run.
10pmRead a bit and then head to bed.
Plan BPeople often ask me what I’d be if I wasn’t an image consultant, but I can’t imagine being anything else. I truly love this career, as I get to help women become more confident and feel better about themselves every day. What could be better?


Career Guide:
Image Consultant

While there are no regulations governing minimum requirements to be an image consultant, most credible consultants train to conduct colour analysis, figure and style analysis, makeup and grooming, wardrobe and shopping services for a client. Being certified by a professional body such as AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) will add credibility to you as an image consultant. Nutri-Style provides colour, figure and style training for consultants, and some of its courses are accredited by AICI for CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

Working Hours:
Most image consultants work for themselves, so working hours can be flexible. When Aileen set up Nutri-Style she worked more than 13 hours a day to get the business off the ground. “Now,” says Aileen, “I’m very happy to be able to set my own hours so that I can spend time with my family.”

Wages vary hugely, depending on the amount of time you put in and what kind of services you provide. Working as an image consultant for corporations tends to be the most profitable.  However, Aileen says, “I make as much now working for myself as I did when working for a multi-national corporation, without having to sacrifice family life.”

To find out more about becoming an image consultant with Nutri-Style, call 6887 5220 or

visit www.nutri-style.com.