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How to win an arm wrestle: Step-by-step guide

By: Jake Riggir

So you’ve got that cocky mate who goes to the gym more than you, and flexes his guns to every woman he meets. How good would it be to humiliate him by taking him down in an arm-wrestle? Lucky for you, there’s more to winning an arm wrestle than just strength alone, and these thirteen steps will help you humiliate your mate for years to come.


Step One: Make sure you are standing at a table facing each other, this is very important for later steps. Also make sure it’s a stable one.

Step Two: Be good looking. Because if you lose, at least you will still have that going for you.

Step Three: Right foot forward if you use your right arm, and vice-versa. This way you can kick them under the table to give you an advantage (and some other stuff about transferring weight, but that’s boring).

Step Four: Put your thumb underneath your other fingers. This will help execute a technique called the top roll. Just don’t keep the thumb under your fingers when you have to punch your cocky friend, as you’ll break the thumb.

Learn this for brilliant banter privileges
Learn this for brilliant banter privileges


Step Five: If it’s your right foot thats forward, your right hip should be leaning against the table. This gives you the most leverage possible.

Step Six: Keep your upper arm close to your chest. This way you use both your arm and body strength, and it helps make your biceps look bigger for the ladies watching.

Step Seven: The higher your grip is on your opponents hand, the better. You get more of a downwards action going, and apparently that’s key to beating your arrogant mate.

Step Eight: Raise your wrist. This bends your mates wrist backwards, and they will struggle to keep their grip, then you pounce.

Step Nine: Don’t push side to side, pull your opponents arm towards your corner of the table. When their arm is at a very obtuse angle, they will struggle to fight back.

Step Ten: Use the move called ‘the top roll’. You put pressure on your opponent’s hand, forcing it open and making it more difficult for him to use his muscles. And then…

Step Eleven: Rotate your body, and twist your shoulders the way you want your arm to go.

Step Twelve: Get women.


Step Thirteen: Continuous banter (about beating your massive mate in an arm wrestle) for years and years to come.

For more tips, watch this video: