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How to trade skills for knowledge

Trade School Singapore 

The promise of “free” music got us logging on and the ocean of “adult browsing” kept us there. Well you can now use the interweb to do a bit of self-improvement too by setting up free mini courses near your house to learn (almost) anything.

Modelled after the New York Trade School, Trade School Singapore asks teachers to share their knowledge and skills without taking a fee. Instead students repay the effort by fulfilling a task on the teacher’s wish list.

The payment could be anything from doing the grocery shopping, visiting a grandparent or getting involved in a charity project. The idea is that teachers and students barter based on a coincidence of wants. So if you’ve been meaning to learn French and you’re a dab hand with a paint brush, then voilà! Or if you’re happy to explain the intricacies of Forex trading to a computer science student, consider all your computer woes sorted.