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How to tie a bow tie

Bow ties look cool, right 

Unless you were forced into (or, er, opted to join) the orchestra at school, learning how to tie a bow tie is one of those things that most of us that put off in life – because, let’s face it – it looks really hard. Yet they appear to be making some sort of comeback, so it’s time to pull ourselves together and learn once and for all with this step by step guide. 

  1. Put the bow tie around your neck, placing it so that one end (the red one in this case) is about two inches longer than the other end (the blue end).

  2. Cross the red end over the blue end and wrap it under, so the red end forms a loop around the blue.

  3. Now make a bow in the blue end by folding it in half to form the front base loop.

  4. Loop the red end over the centre of the blue bow you just formed.

  5. Holding everything in place, make a bow in the red end and poke the folded edge through the loop you just made.

  6. Adjust the bow tie by tugging at the ends of it and straightening the centre knot.

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