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How to survive on three hours of sleep a day

Uberman sleep cycle 

The Uberman sleep cycle could be the answer for anyone trying to squeeze  a few extra hours into their day. It’s a form of polyphasic sleep and, unlike the eight- hour slumber (monophasic sleep) most people use to recharge each day, it relies on several short sessions of good quality rapid eye movement (REM).  An Uberman sleeper ignores natural circadian sleep behaviour and trains their body to nap for just 20 to 30 minutes every four hours.

Although there is little scientific data to support the Uberman cycle, converts claim that after an adjustment period of one to three weeks, they are as alert as (if not more than) as an eight-hour sleeper.

It’s based on Dr Stampi’s observations that long-distance sailboat racers can perform well using this sleeping pattern. It’ll require a lot of discipline and an understanding boss, but there are plenty of fans that find polyphasic sleep the best way to meet the needs of an overly busy schedule. 

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