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How to stop sweating in Singapore


Clearly Snoop Dogg ain’t spent much time in Singapore – if he had he might not have sung “I just want to make you sweat”.  The dark circle malady can strike anyone, anywhere on the island, at any time. So long as you’re outside you won’t be sweat safe so use our tips to stem the flow and deal with the smell.

Food & Drink
A black coffee in the morning might be hard to turn down, but coffee is no friend to the nose, it eeks out of body via your sweat glands in a suitably stinky way. So avoid caffeine if you want to avoid odours – replace it with green or sage tea.  Sage tea dries out oils and prevents excess moisture in the skin and green tea neutralises the pungent stench. And we know it sucks, but try and steer clear of spicy food. It gets your ‘neurotransmitters’ all excited – the part of your brain that says ‘Thunderbirds are go” to your sweat glands.

And drink water. Because water is great and fixes most stuff. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Have a gander at the back of your deodorant and try and find an antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride. This blocks the pores to stop the salty stuff from coming out. A lot of people swear by Certain Dri, but aluminum chloride is pretty easy to find if you nip down the local chemist.

And don’t just spray it in your pits, yeah? The average person has two to four million sweat glands in your hands, feet, face, back, chest and more. Don’t spray the deodorant in your face (obviously) – but give your body a quick spritz to keep the glands at bay.

Put the tight undershirt away – wear loose clothing to let the air circulate and avoid silk (that should be a general rule of fashion anyway). Stick to cotton in light colours – even if you do start leaking, it’ll be the quickest to dry and the least visible.

Wear proper socks too – sports socks allow your feet to breathe more and soak up the scent more effectively. But buy them in dark colours unless you want to look like Michael Jackson in your suit.

Quick tricks
Once you’ve finished with your beard, take the razor to your pits (you might want to hack at them with scissors first, mind). The less hair you have, the less area the stinky bacteria caused by sweat can cling to.

Shower at night rather than in the morning and put on deodorant as soon as your armpits are dry. The spray or roll on has time to set overnight while you’re chilled out and dry. Then reapply it in the mornings and head off to the office.

Make sure your feet are fully dry when you step out of the shower too – don’t whack shoes on before you’re sure that nothing weird can start festering in the beautiful damp parts between your dainty little tootsies.

Exercising a few times of week releases the build up of sweat in your body and should cause less breaks outs in general.

Being nervous or uptight is one of the worst things for a break out – just chill the hell out. We appreciate it’s not that easy, so try deep breathing and taking some time out to collect your thoughts when you start getting stressed out. Yoga or meditation classes wouldn’t hurt either.

You’ve tried everything (even the damn yoga) above and it’s still not working. You could have hyperhidrosis – when your body produces more sweat than is necessary to cool the body. In which case, there’s a slightly more drastic option that stops you sweating completely – Botox to cut off communication between the brain and the sweat glands. The treatment requires between 12 to 18 injections every four months and isn’t cheap. For example, Dr Anita Soosay from The Aesthetic Centre charges from $1800 per treatment.

If that’s too steep, there’s also Chinese medication or acupuncture, which assess you on a case-by-case basis and tackle the area where excess fluid is the biggest problem.

But don’t just start jamming needles into your armpits – head to your doctor first.