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How to speak like a mafia boss

Get one step closer to the Sopranos 

Tony Soprano is one cool bloke – that’s a fact. Another fact is that most of us would secretly love to be more like a mafia boss – the beautiful suits, bags of money, ladies swooning at your feet and one very cool accent.

And while we can’t really help you with most of the above, we can give you a hand with the accent part. Presenting six ways to speak like a mafia boss…

  1. Invent a nickname for yourself, like “Knobby Giorgio Ricci” or “Stefano Crackhead”.

  2. Start with a few key phrases like: Capish?, Enough already, and Fuhgeddaboudit!

  3. Replace all adjectives with the appropriate variation of f*#k (ie f*#kin’, f*#ker)

  4. Know your “fugazi” from your “friend of ours/mine”.

  5. Finally start sprinkling conversations with expressions like “You gotta break a few eggs to make an omellate” or “It’s a banana race” as well as pop, clip, burn, hit, whack, ice, bump off, rub out.

  6. Oh and don’t forget to pinch your index finger and thumb together on both hands to emphasise your point.