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How to ship your gifts to Singapore for less

We all know there are those special gifts you just can’t buy or find in Singapore, but the rigmarole of purchasing items overseas can often put us off. Whether it’s border control, extra taxes or duty fees, getting hold of goods from afar can make the task seem daunting (and far more expensive!) So, what’s a shopaholic to do?

Not to worry, someone has come up with a way around all the tricky bits! When you open a free account with freight forwarding company Borderlinx.com, they sort out the process and cut down your shipping fees in three simple ways:

1. They repack your items for free, to reduce the size and volumetric weight of your package.

2. They offer 30 days free storage, which gives you plenty of time to shop before you ship to Singapore.

3. They have a free consolidation service, which allows you to ship multiple parcels in one shipment and pay at the same time.

Gift-giving made easy? Yes please!
Gift-giving made easy? Yes please!

So with Borderlinx.com, you can now shop your favourite stores worldwide, using a US or UK shipping address. Say hello to online splurges, niche e-tailers, designer stores and snazzy European brands!

On a regular basis, the Borderlinx.com team also scout out and show off the best shopping and shipping deals, so you can make the most of savings on your shopping. Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter for their latest updates.

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