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How to select Art Deco furniture for your home


How to identify a real Asian Art Deco vintage piece:

Look for rounded or curved symmetrical shapes
Embellishments may be in the form of zigzag or trapezoidal designs
Asian variations of Art Deco furniture are usually built from solid teak for structural sturdiness and durability, unlike European pieces that include aluminium and stainless steel.
Lastly, you can tell from the wood’s patina whether you have a real vintage item or a replica. The patina speaks volumes about its age, and the grain of old wood can be outstandingly beautiful.


Anita Sam, managing director of Journey East, says that the old-school charm of Asian Art Deco and retro-style furniture is becoming increasingly popular.   

“Compared with 10 years ago, we are selling 50 percent more Art Deco and retro furniture. I think that the popularity of shows like Mad Men is part of the reason that more young couples and families in their early 30s are choosing these older style.


There is also a growing sense of historical consciousness – an appreciation for design and workmanship from a bygone era, especially in the context of Singapore’s rapid and relentless urbanisation.

A typical Asian Art Deco or retro-look living-room features a three-piece suite comprising either a two- or three-seater sofa and two armchairs. The armchairs are usually covered with geometric-patterned fabric or a dark coloured leather whose look improves with age.

If you are looking for décor ideas, select an iconic piece such as an armchair with a retro print that goes with your current contemporary furniture. Add bright colours to your living room or bedroom, such as the signature burnt orange of the sixties. It’s important to evoke the essence of Mad Men style without going mad-ly overboard with the retro theme.” says Anita.