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How to help your child pass the ABRSM exam

Every year, more than 650,000 candidates take the ABRSM (Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music) exams in over 93 countries around the world. The exam is widely recognised and very popular in Singapore. Many students toil away for hours in preparation. Any helping hand you can offer them has got to help right?

ABRSM exam Singapore, music teachers, music lessons

Why do so many kids take the exam?
The ABRSM is a global exam that provides a clear goal for students to work towards each year. The exam is structured in such a way that not only do students learn how to play a musical instrument, but they also develop other essential aspects of musicianship such as ear training, sight-reading, musical knowledge and theory.

It gives students a chance to develop as an all-rounded musician, learning practical and theoretical skills and honing creativity and musicianship as well. Additionally, acquiring a high grade with good marks give a certain competitive edge to a students’ portfolio as they prepare for college or even job applications.

Extra support
With a growing demand for exams in Singapore, the Aureus Academy developed the Perfect Pass Programme (PPP) – a step-by-step guide to help students go the extra mile in preparing for the exams.

ABRSM exam Singapore, music teachers, music lessons

Experienced teachers make a difference
Knowing that standards for the ABRSM exams are high, Aureus Academy has always focused on hiring teachers who are best equipped to prepare students for the exam. In fact, many of the teachers have sat the ABRSM themselves, earning multiple distinctions and scholarships.

100% pass rate
Because teachers were trained under the system or have acquired their degrees from institutions affiliated with the ABRSM, they know exactly how to utilise the lesson time to fit the candidates’ needs in preparing for the exams. As a result, Aureus Academy boasts a 100% pass rate to date.

How does the PPP work?
As well as weekly lessons taught by qualified teachers, students participate in group classes where they practice daunting tasks such as sight-reading, singing in front of others, and answering challenging musical knowledge questions. Students practice all components of sight-reading and Aural with their peers watching on. It gives them moral support, positive feedback and provides healthy pressure to help build their confidence for the exam.

ABRSM exam Singapore, music teachers, music lessons

The mock exam
The course also offers a personal monthly ‘mock exam’ at the exam venue itself. Conducted by a panel of experienced teachers and educators from both within and outside of Aureus Academy, these mock exams are done over a span of a few months following a progressive scheme to ensure students’ consistent progress and a comprehensive preparation. In other words, they won’t be shocked when they sit the exam.

Parents also have a clear idea of their children’s progress through a written report that they receive after each run through, and can ask for a free consultation session where they can receive feedback and explanation on these reports as well.

A Perfect Pass or your money back
Aureus Academy is confident that all students who enrol in the Perfect Pass Programme will live up to the name and pass their exams. In fact, they are so confident that they are offering to refund the exam fees of students who don’t. It’s certainly a reassuring promise for parents and students alike!

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