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How to get rid of your double chin (and other annoying bits)

By: Rebecca Bisset

CoolSculpting’s new Cool-Mini fat reduction treatment has arrived and we’re excited. Why? Because no matter how thin or fit you are, there are some little areas of fat that are difficult (sometimes impossible) to shift with dieting and exercise.

Here are three problems areas I can think of to start with that the Cool-Mini can reach that were not treatable by the larger applicators:

  1. Chins: Sometimes hereditary factors come into play – with saggy or chubby chins, for example. Even if we’re stick-thin, the chin’s still there!
  2. Knees: As we age, the areas above the knees often start to form a “roll” and become quite fatty and dimpled – and it doesn’t shift with exercise.
  3. Bra Bulge: And how about the fat above the bra strap that seems to show through any shirt, or that little bit that hangs over the waistband? We want to be able to look good – in clothes at least!

fat reduction treatment in Singapore

CoolSculpting technology has been around for a while, freezing targeted fat cells, which then die and are processed through the body. The larger metal plates have primarily been used on bigger areas, like the abdomen and thighs, with great success for both men and women. Now there’s the fat freezing Cool-Mini, with a cup-like applicator so it can get hold of the smaller areas of fat. It means we can now be finely sculpted all over. You can even have a chiseled jawline!

The process has another advantage. If we put on weight, the fat cells will grow in size; but if the freezing process has been carried out on an area, then there are no longer any cells there to get bigger. I know my chin is one area that pops up the minute I put on the slightest bit of weight. It’s FDA-cleared and there’s no surgery, downtime or pain medication needed.

If skin laxity has also been an issue for you, then an Ultherapy treatment can help firm the skin in a particular area. As an anti-aging fix, getting the skin to be firmer and tighter is a great option especially in parts of our body like chins and necks that we can’t cover up with clothes (especially in Singapore).

I think it’s important to see these aesthetic treatments as an addition to working out and keeping fit, they can help us fine-tune!

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