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How to get first class treatment from an air hostess

Not that pleasurable 

You’ve boarded the plane and the air hostess is already looking pretty frazzled, the family in row 10 are holding everyone up and there’s a greasy man leering at her from seat 2C. You’re hoping to get plenty of wine to knock you out for the flight so how do you get on her good side? 

We asked an air steward how to get the best treatment on a flight and she gave us this handy list of dos and don’ts. Follow it and you might even get asked if you’d prefer to sit closer to the front of the plane.


  • Be polite. They’re more likely to prioritise your requests.
  • Aim properly and flush the toilet. Contrary to popular belief, there are no aircraft cleaners; flight stewardesses take turns to clean them.
  • Keep your boarding pass accessible. It would help facilitate any confusion over seats.
  • Stow your luggage in the overhead cabin yourself. Looking expectantly at the stewardess to do it for you isn’t gentlemanly behaviour.


  • Continuously press the call button. Have a little patience if the flight stewardess doesn’t respond to you as quickly as you hope.
  • Overestimate your alcohol tolerance level. Go easy on the drinks; it’s much easier to get drunk 40,000 feet in the air.
  • Go to the toilet during meal service. If the stewadess has to push the heavy cart back to the galley it delays delays meal service for everyone on board, including yourself.
  • Change your seat until the aircraft is in the air and the seatbelt light is off. If you wanted the bulkhead seat, you’d have been better off asking for it at check-in.

Top Tip
Hungry? For your meal to get served first, order a special meal like low fat, no beef or vegetarian, which most airlines offer. These will be served before normal meal service starts.

Top Tip
If you’re a light sleeper and on a long haul flight, pack a good pair of earplugs, eyeshades and an inflatable pillow for a more comfortable sleep. Lip balm and moisturiser go a long way too.


Photo: Flickr, Sewyerown