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How to choose the right bra, with the help of lingerie experts

It’s one of the first things we put on when getting dressed, yet it’s often our lowest priority. Mette Holte Jensen of Change Lingerie tells us why it’s important to get fitted properly for a bra and shares some useful tips.

Are you wearing the right size?

Loose straps?Spillage?Under wire digging into your flesh? If that’s you, you might be wearing the wrong size or style. It’s been said that as many as eight in 10 women wear the wrong size. Wearing an ill-fitting bra may lead to health problems such as headaches, back pain and shoulder issues.While it’s true that a heavier bust can cause greater problems, Mette says it’s important that even smaller-chested women wear a properly fitted bra.

Get professionally fitted

We wear a bra everyday for long hours, so it makes sense to get professionally fitted with the right cup and band size. When trying a bra on,check that it fits firmly when worn on the loosest hooks. This way, when the bra begins to stretches after a number of wearings, you’ll be able to tighten it. The straps should be adjusted to the right length without pulling up at the front or the back. The correct band size will ensure adequate support at the sides instead of the straps having to hold all the weight. If your bra is riding up at the back, you might need a smaller band size.

Women come in all shapes and sizes

Women change bra size about six times in their lives due to ageing, weight gain or loss, menopause and other hormonal changes. Because of this, Mette suggests you get professionally sized at least every year.

Young or old, and whether you’re an A-cup or an H-cup, it’s not only important to get the correct size but also to choose the proper style for your shape. Mette points out that while a sheer T-shirt bra is suitable for those in their 20s and30s, it might not provide enough support for an older woman;she recommends wearing a padded bra to lift the bust. Proper support can also prevent further sagging.

We asked Mette if busty women should wear strapless bras and received a resounding “no”. However, if that strapless dress is too beautiful to resist, she suggests getting a good tailor to sew padding into it.

For active women

Wearing the right size applies not only to everyday bras, but to sports bras and swim wear too. Avoid sports bras that come in generic sizes like S, M and L. Most of Change Lingerie’s sports bras and swim wear come in different cup sizes, providing comfort and support for when you’re moving about energetically.

Proper Care

To make your intimates last longer:

• Avoid putting them in the washing machine. Instead, hand-wash them
• Soak them in a basin of water with a mild detergent
• Rinse with water and hang out to dry
• To retain their shape and avoid damaging the fabric, don’t wring out after washing
• If your bra straps dig into your skin or slip off your shoulders, get some silicone Comfy Straps ($12).

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