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How to choose the right maid insurance

Hands up who has signed on the dotted line for whichever foreign domestic worker or maid insurance that was recommended by your maid agency? You’re not alone – according to recent market research by FWD, 68% of employers in Singapore have done just that. However, 70% said they would buy it online from an insurer’s website in the future. Choosing insurance for your valued helper is important if it’s to protect you against unexpected expenses, so it’s wise to do your research. But, what’s the alternative?

Hospital patient, insurance
Get your helper out-patient coverage

Skip the schlep to the agency office to sign cumbersome forms and buy online from an insurer’s website instead. And, whether you’re hiring a new helper or renewing your current helper’s work permit, you’ll definitely want to check out the ground-breaking new Maid Insurance product from FWD, Singapore’s fully direct and online life and general insurer.

As the only policy in Singapore to provide outpatient medical cover for illnesses, alongside accident cover and other key benefits, FWD’s Maid Insurance is a timely reminder that it’s worth shopping around when it comes to maid insurance!

#1 Outpatient medical expenses for illnesses

Should your helper fall ill and need to see a doctor, fret not. FWD’s Maid Insurance covers outpatient medical expenses related to illnesses for your helper (a first in Singapore!). Outpatient cover for personal accident is also included as standard.

 #2 Security bond cover

FWD is also the only insurer that pays for your maid’s security bond in its base plan. (There are three plans to choose from with varying levels of coverage and different riders to enhance the policy, as necessary.) What this means is that FWD will issue a security bond of $5,000 to the Ministry of Manpower. If the bond is forfeited, FWD will pay the Ministry of Manpower the full bond amount.

Woman mopping the floor
Find the right helper for your family

#3 Cancellation refund

Finding a helper that’s the right fit for your family can be tricky, so we think it’s genius that FWD offers a full premium refund if you cancel your policy within the first three months – yet another first for an insurer in Singapore! (Terms and conditions apply.)

#4 All-round coverage

Hospitalisation expenses could be crippling if you’re not adequately covered. FWD’s Maid Insurance offers global coverage for hospitalisation and surgery, up to $50,000.

Hospital patient
Get your helper covered for hospitalisation

# 5 Home cover

Sadly, there are occasional reports of helpers’ stealing from their employers. Get your home and household contents protected from theft, as well as fire and burglary, for added peace of mind.

# 6 Competitive premiums

Because everything from buying to claiming is done online on FWD’s easy-to-use website, there are no middlemen and commissions to factor in. The savings are passed on to the customer, meaning premiums can be kept low (from $188 for a two-year plan).

Helpers are not Machines – Watch FWD’s Maid Insurance TV commercial

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