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How to be a well-adjusted modern man in 10 steps

How to be a modern man 

It’s a rough world out there, we know. To help, here’s our guide to navigating the course of manhood without offending the opposite sex or neutering yourself completely.

1. Don’t call female colleagues pet names
“Sweetheart”, “gorgeous” or “babe” are not really appreciated by your female colleagues. At best you sound like a patronising stuffed shirt, at worst a sex offender. 

2.  Accept you might not be right all the time – or at least pay lip service to the fact
In the words of Oscar Wilde: “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.” Don’t try and be good all the time, and don’t try and be right either. You’re just setting yourself up for a fall.

3. Be friends with females and don’t worry about it
It’s ridiculous to say men can’t be friends with women, that sex always gets in the way, and so on, like we’re living in a rom-com. Those old-school uncles shaking their heads right now? They don’t have any mates at all.

4. Care about what you wear
It doesn’t mean anything more than you’re trying to make a good impression. If you don’t want to make any sort of impression you’ll also have to think about what you wear, so whatever way you look at it, picking what to put on each morning is worth at least 15 minutes of your attention.

5. Don’t make bodily noises in front of your female colleagues
We know it’s funny. It’s just that very few females are yet to get it;, something to do with them missing a Y chromosome – a scientist can explain it to you.

6. Get in the cab first
Surprisingly this isn’t an ultra nod to feminism but chivalry at it’s finest. Women hate having to climb or slide across to the far seat and risk flashing leg their thighs or derriere. So open the door, get in and enjoy the sliding yourself.

7. Don’t seek out your co-workers on Facebook
That’s what LinkedIn is for. If you’ve never met their friends or seen them at the weekend outside of work, they’re not ready for your status updates.

8. Turn off your “sent from my iPhone” email signature
Not only does it make you look like you don’t have a clue about technology but it also screams that you’re too lazy to read through your message before you hit send.

9.  Vary your media diet
So you’re addicted to the FT and your sports team stats but to be able hold a conversation with anyone who’s not familiar with the latest share movements (about 60 per cent of Singapore’s population) you’ll need to know some more general facts about what’s happening in your city. Try and incorporate some more varied browsing into you media consumption.

10. Prioritizse the person you are with – not the person emailing you a picture of their cat
If you’ve gone to the effort to meet up with someone you may as well find out what they’ve got to say. You can’t do that while you’re checking your BlackBberry every 30 seconds, so put the phone away and give your undivided attention.