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Household service providers in Singapore


To subscribe for phone (landline), internet, cable TV, gas and air-conditioning services, you will need an Employment Pass. Electricity, piped gas and water are all provided by SP Services.

• Phone

The three mobile phone service providers in Singapore are SingTel, StarHub and M1. Cheap pre-paid SIM cards are available from dealers and convenience stores island-wide. A passport must be presented to purchase a SIM card. Landline phone services are provided by SingTel and StarHub.

• Internet

Internet service providers include StarHub Max Online, SingNet, M1 Broadband and Pacific Internet. An island-wide program called Wireless@SG enables users to connect to free wireless broadband in many public places. In order to use it, you need to sign up with SingTel, M1, or iCELL Network.

• Television

SingTel mioTV is a 24-hours pay-TV service available via broadband connection. StarHub provides cable TV. MediaCorp offers seven free-to-air TV channels and one HD channel.

• Air-conditioning

Most homes in Singapore come with air-conditioning units, which require monthly or bi-monthly servicing.

• Gas

Most stoves run off a gas tank that is stored in a kitchen cupboard. The tanks last between two and six months and cost about $30 to replace. Gas providers will bring a new tank to your home and take the empty one away.

• Pest control

You are likely to encounter a variety of pests in your home and garden – from cockroaches and ants to lizards and mosquitoes. If you live in a house, you may need a subscription with a pest control agency to keep the critters at bay.