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Home offices: Readers share their favourite places to shop

Art Trend Gallery 

Art Trend Gallery

7C and 9 Binjai Park

+65 6468 7116 and +65 6468 7119


Carole and her husband Matt had their own original furniture designs custom-made at Art Trend Gallery.

“Matt designed the desk from scratch to fit our study and our needs. He created a virtual 3D model of the design to help define the measurements, and Art Trend made the piece for us. Both of us use the table every day, and our daughter sometimes does her homework there, too.

“We first visited Art Trend when we were looking for a table to replace our antique one, which could barely fit four people and rocked like a seesaw during dinner! The made us a dining-room table and a long multi-media console from our original designs.

“Having furniture custom-made is not always smooth sailing. But we have been very happy with Art Trend’s service, from conception to delivery.”

Carole and Matt Aldrich, France and UK

Danish Design 

Danish Design

100E Pasir Panjang Road

Century Warehouse #08-01

+65 6270 8483


Aaron not only furnished his home office with pieces from Danish Design, but converted one item into something for the kitchen, too.

“I incorporated the Skim Milk office desk into the kitchen as a bar counter! The table’s variable height allows us to use it as a food preparation area and a food display area when we have our friends over.

“For the work area, I purchased two Q10 desks and a Genese filing cabinet for use as a home work space and study table for the kids. The adjustable height of the tables makes it so versatile. It really saves the back from hunching, and there’s no need to move somewhere else when you want a change of posture.”

Aaron Kwok, Singapore

Past Perfect Collection 

Past Perfect Collection

480 River Valley Road
+65 6737 3078


It started with the search for a particular piece; Maud knew that The Past Perfect Collection would have precisely what she was after.

“We bought a British colonial teakwood cylinder desk from India. It is an antique piece that dates back to the late nineteenth century. Past Perfect found the desk in Bombay and had it restored by local craftsmen to its former glory. We are also keen on one of their Dutch colonial chests.

“Word of mouth is the best way to find special places; that’s how I found out about The Past Perfect Collection. I believe the personal involvement of the owners in investigating, sourcing and restoring their pieces is what makes the company unique.”

Maud Van Velthoven, The Netherlands

The Shophouse 

The Shophouse

6 Rochester Park

+65 6344 0100


Nature-lover Sarita has a soft spot for wood, which is why she found The Shophouse perfect for all her furniture needs – and she really means all.

“My entire living area and master bedroom is furnished from The Shophouse. It was Expat Living and my own personal quest to find my kind of furniture that brought me to the store!

“We got a custom-made writing table from The Shophouse to fit the space in our master bedroom. It’s a sleek writing desk made of recycled teak. We always had a writing table in our bedroom, even back home in India, so we decided to have one here as well.

Sarita Giri Jadhav, India

Window to the past 

Window to the Past

3 Kung Chong Road

+65 6235 2760


Mark works in an office rather than at home, but wanted his space to reflect a rustic charm – something more homey than the usual corporate glass and metal.

“We were setting up our new office and had a particular vision regarding the feel we wanted it to impart. An impression of quality, permanence and history is conveyed by these particular pieces.

“We purchased a custom-made office desk which consisted of a magnificent antique Indian door, built into a wooden frame and protected by glass. A similar piece made of wrought iron and timber sits in our office reception area. The final statement piece is the boardroom table, which was cut from a single piece of Indonesian trembesi timber.”

Mark Haynes Daniell, UK