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Refresh your home décor with a new carpet or rug

Looking to change things up or to add a little extra something to your home? Why not get your hands on a new carpet or rug? These little numbers can add some colour and style to your living space; you’ll be surprised what a difference they can make to a room. We’ve sourced some of the best stores around town for all your carpet and rug needs – and, while we were at it, we asked the staff for some tips on buying and caring for carpets. So, listen up!


Proof Living

The extensive rug collection at Proof Living includes items imported from Finland, Germany and Italy, and you’ll find rugs in a variety of materials including yarn, wool and silk.

What to get:

Made in Finland from paper yarn from natural wood, the Woodnotes Paper Yarn Rug is a piece of simple and unstated beauty – and durable at the same time. A great addition to any room.

Add some shimmer to your living space with an elegant Tufenkian Carpet. You’ll enjoy how the light plays across the woven silk surface.

Hand-knotted in Nepal, the Legends of Carpets collection by Walter Knoll translates abstract paintings into timeless woven artworks. The carpets are made from quality wool from Tibet, and silk and nettle yarn from China.

How about some tips?

  • Pick rugs that have undergone soil-repellent treatment, which prevents dirt from soaking into the fibre.
  • Stains or spots should be removed right away. Work from the sides toward the centre to prevent a mark from spreading.

#04-16 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
6509 0555 |


WTP The Furniture Company

WTP Furniture carpets
Add a fluffy carpet to your living room

WTP The Furniture Company sources its rugs from India, Turkey and Iran; you’ll find pieces made of wool, cotton and even leather in the store.

What to get: 

The Thick Pile Carpet is great for adding some colour to a room. It’s made of wool and viscose, and, even though it’s thick, it doesn’t trap dust.

Crafted from cotton and leather, the Dhurrie Carpet comes with a thin pile which is great for people who are prone to allergies. Some varieties even come with reversible designs.

Incredibly soft and comfy, the Shaggy Carpet will do well in your little one’s room, providing great cushioning for falls with its thick pile.

How about some tips?

  • If you have allergies, pick a rug made of polyester instead of natural fibre. Also, choose a thinner pile carpet.
  • Mix things up: if you have modern furniture, pair it with an oriental rug.

3 Kung Chong Road
6235 2760 |


Ruby Slipper

Ruby Slipper carpet
Have your carpet custom-made to your liking

The beautiful rugs at Ruby Slipper are sourced from India and Morocco, and the store also offers bespoke services, so if you have something particular in mind, have them craft your ideal rug.

What to get:

Made from 100% cotton, the Cotton Dhurrie is flat-woven and easy to maintain. There are over 30 designs and more than 100 colours to choose from.

Adaptable to different styles and décor, the Jute Dhurrie offers an earthy look to a room. It’s made from natural fibres, and you can add silver and gold metallic stripes for something more eye-catching.

Why not pick up a Moroccan Rug? The store’s woollen range includes Azilal berber, flat-woven berber kilims, Beni M’guild and Beni Ourain.

How about some tips?

  • Pick a larger rug to give your room a more luxe feel.
  • Choose a cotton rug if you are worried about allergies.

80 Grange Road
9171 1251 |


Hedger’s Carpet Gallery

Hedger's Carpet Gallery carpets
Make a statement with your new carpet

Shop from an impressive collection of carpets at Hedger’s Carpet Gallery. From traditional, tribal to contemporary designs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Prices vary according to material, country of origin and rarity.

What to get:

Going for a rustic look? Opt for one of the store’s Tribal Carpets. Available in a range of distinctive designs and sizes, they are hand-spun and sourced from Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Pick up a Traditional Carpet with an intricate design, available in a variety of bold colours, and add a touch of sophistication to your room. For a real eye-catcher, go for something floral.

For something different, choose a Contemporary Carpet. These tastefully crafted pieces reveal the unique imagination of the weaver and designer.

How about some tips?

  • Don’t be afraid to choose bold colours and intricate patterns that will bring your room to life.
  • Keep your carpet out of direct sunlight to avoid it fading.

#01-09, 15 Dempsey Road
6462 0028 | hedgerscarpetgallery.com.sg


The Cinnamon Room

The cinnamon room rug
Get your hands on a lovely patterned rug

Specialising in contemporary hide rugs, The Cinnamon Room’s wide range of rugs are high quality and sourced from South America and India. Prices vary according to design and size.

What to get:

Pick a Laser Block Printed Rug to add some chic style to your living space. With distinctive geometric prints, it’s durable and easy to care for.

The store’s Dyed Hide Rugs come in colourful hues as well as in classic monochrome black and white if you want something more understated.

Contemporary and stylish, the Metallic Hide Rugs will add some shimmer to your home. Choose from either silver or gold.

How about some tips?

  • Choose a rug that will help to pull the various elements in your room together.
  • Pick rugs with a low pile for easy cleaning and reduced dust collection.

#02-74 Jalan Merah Saga, Block 43, The Worklofts@Chipbee, Holland Village
97273051 | thecinnamonroom.com


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