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Certain foods should always be left to the gifted amateur. No gastro-pub’s beer-battered swordfish and waxy Asturian potatoes can ever really compare to the simple, homey delight that is my father’s cod and chips. I’ve yet to try a cheese toastie that betters the layered monstrosity that my housemate and I concocted one hung-over morning. And my wife’s potato cakes and chilli chicken is a Malay classic that other Malay classics doff their collective caps to.

My judgements are, of course, clouded by sentiment – the mercury, if you will, in the barometer of taste. I would contend, though, that most people would put a home-cooked meal from their childhood up against any commercial, chef-prepared meal of the same.

A case in point is the Sunday roast. Quite possibly Britain’s greatest contribution to the gastronomic pantheon, a good Sunday roast is a quite glorious combination of factors, all coming together in a beautiful synchronisation of taste, timing and temperature.

I may be in a foreign land, far from home and my mother’s roast chicken, potatoes, turnips, stuffing, gravy and veg, but succour can arrive in the most unlikely of forms.

In this case, it’s the Brazilian owner of, Fabiane Mendes Braga. Far more accomplished than even the most gifted amateur, Fabiane and her team are on hand to deliver classic roasts, old-world turkeys and more for the festive season.

Christmas is a time when even the biggest restaurant-o-phile longs for a taste of home. So if you’re preparing a meal on or around 25 December this year, drop into one of Espirito Santo’s two stores to try their tied roast beefs, legs of lamb, crackling pork and stuffed turkeys.

As Fabiane would say in her native Portuguese, “Feliz Natal e um prospero Ano Novo!”

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