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Home cleaners, maids and handymen reviewed

Singapore is the perfect place to live if you have neither the time nor the inclination for household chores. Here, we let our readers do the talking, recommending six companies that can take the hard work out of keeping your home shipshape.


part-time cleaner, Singapore
Engage the friendly helpers from A-Team Amahs & Cleaners for your home-help needs



A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

Piotr Jan Kucharski (Polish), Alla Kucharska (Russian), Gleb (11) and Sara (10 months). One year in Singapore

“We have used A-Team for cleaning and home help services for almost one year. I initially called a number of part-time domestic helper agencies, and I found A-Team to be very responsive and professional in its approach. A-Team sends one person to our home twice weekly. This service includes dusting, mopping and cleaning the apartment, and ironing. We’ve had the same part-time helper from the beginning.

I have recommended A-Team to others and I definitely commend them on their service.”

6100 6131 | a-team.com.sg

air-conditioning, repair, Singapore
A technician from @bsolute group at work

@bsolute Services

Ngai, AC. Singaporean

‘Absolute Services provides superb service with transparent pricing. A few months ago, I engaged @bsolute to service my AC as a trial. On their 2nd visit last week, I signed a year contract with them due to the following reasons:

Different technicians were sent to my home and they were both good, showing how @bsolute has consistency and quality control in the training of their staff. Before servicing each aircon, the @bsolute technician covered my furniture with a large fabric and my aircon units were handled with care, showing their attention to detail. Also, @bsolute has simple and transparent pricing that everyone can understand.’

8488 8444 | absoluteservices.com.sg

Comfy Homes

Kate Frost (Australian) and Rubin Frost (German), Annabelle (6) and Rosie (5). 3.5 years in Singapore

“We live in a four-bedroom condo apartment and have been using Comfy Homes since we moved here over three years ago. We selected them for the cost-effective services they provide, having first noticed their advertisement in Expat Living. The helpers from Comfy Homes provide a range of services: dusting, mopping floors, vacuuming rugs, wiping windows and mirrors, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and ironing (up to 10 pieces) – they’ll even change the sheets. They also offer washing, though we don’t use this service.

The same two cleaners come once a week for two hours. One has been with us consistently since we arrived, and the other has been coming for around a year.

I would definitely recommend Comfy Homes as a cleaning service to those who don’t want live-in help. They provide a very good, reliable and trustworthy service. We’ve had no problems with them, and Andy is very accommodating if I need to put the service on hold for a few weeks.”

6844 4523 | comfyhomes.com.sg

JobSearch Manpower Services

This company takes care of all the administrative work involved in hiring a foreign domestic worker, from the placement of a maid to training courses, processing of home-leave paperwork, work permits and more.

6836 5795 | jobsearch.netmaid.com.sg

Leave it to the professionals as they repair and maintain your air-conditioning system
Leave it to the professionals as they repair and maintain your air-conditioning system



Ideal for busy people seeking convenience and reliability, this home service concierge takes the worry away by selecting the best-performing and most professional service providers at the best prices, so you don’t have to shop around.

6514 9115 | facilit8te.com/fix8

SD Aircon

For those new to Singapore, it may come as a surprise to read a clause in the fine print of your home rental contract about bearing responsibility for the servicing of the air-conditioning units. Generally, the onus is on the tenant to arrange and pay for a three-monthly service – and, let’s face it, in this hot and humid climate, it’s absolutely vital to keep the units in tip-top condition!

Most people sign a one-year contract with an air-conditioning service and maintenance company who will conduct a quarterly service. This ensures you will fulfill your rental agreement duty. There are a lot of companies out there, but SD Aircon goes by the book to offer Japanese-standard, high-quality service backed by 17 years experience, and with Japanese and English speaking staff too.

6467 4778 | sd-aircon.com

This is an extract from an article that first appeared in the July 2016 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase a copy for the full article, or Subscribe now so you never miss an issue!

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