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Which holiday camps to try this summer?

Summer has never been this exciting! Say goodbye to meaningless days in front of the telly or hanging out at the mall, as Camp Asia returns from 19 June to 2 August. This year, there’ll be 15 exciting camps on offer for kids aged three to 16 years. The camps run from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, at Stamford American School.

Camp Asia cooking camp
Cooking up a storm

You’ll not only keep your little ones busy and entertained with sports, technology, cooking, drama, science and more, they’ll also enjoy healthy lunches and yummy snacks, as well as that camp must-have: a Camp Asia t-shirt! And if you don’t have time to ferry the kids around, you can add pick-up and drop-off of your little ones for $65 per week. (We hear your cheers!)

Prices start from $625 per camp, but if you book before 30 April you’ll get a 10 percent early bird discount. To find out what might be the perfect fit for your child, here’s our rundown of what’s coming up at Camp Asia this summer.

New Camps

Camp Asia technology camp
All eyes glued to the screens

If you find yourself struggling to keep your device from your tech-loving little one, then the Tech Savvy camp (ages six to 16 years) might be just the thing. Children will learn about computer programming, game design and mobile apps, and have a blast creating full-on interactive stories and games with animation, graphics and sound.

Got a young one who’s fascinated with drones? Creative Innovators (ages nine to 16) will have them tinkering with these aerial beauties, and even learning how to programme them. Not only will they gain insight into computational concepts, but they’ll also get their hands on the controls.

Another new addition to the Camp Asia line-up is Electronics (ages six to 16), which gives children the chance to unleash their creativity as they learn engineering skills and get working with circuits and more. They’ll be able to operate robots as well as create programmes and games on the MicroBit. 

Old Favourites

Camp Asia soccer camps
Battling it out on the soccer field

Work it out

Burn off all that energy at one of the many sports camps on offer. At Super Soccer (ages six to 14) kids will learn new skills and techniques as well as develop sportsmanship. If they’re keen to sweat it out on the court instead, the Super Basketball camp (ages six to 16) will perfect their ball skills and give them a greater understanding of the game. Meanwhile, little ones who love to flip, twist and somersault will love Gymnastics (ages four to eight), where they’ll learn skills and movements that will come in useful for other sports and physical activities. Torn between what to choose? Opt for Super Sports (ages six to 16) and have your child try out a variety of sports including swimming, basketball, tennis and more.

Get creative

Perhaps you’re looking to spark some creativity in your child. If so, the Multi-Activity camp (ages three to eight) is packed with a host of exciting things to do, from arts and crafts to performance. Food-wise, there’s Super Chef (ages six to 16), which will have your little Jamie Olivers and Paula Deens whipping up fun dishes – and even cooking something special for the parents at the end of the week. At Passion for Art (ages six to 11), budding artists will not only learn how to create artworks, but the history and techniques behind them. And if your kids are just bursting to light up the stage, then Drama Academy (ages 4 to 11) is surely for them.

Camp Asia art camp
Having a blast with painting

Put your thinking caps on

Who doesn’t love a science experiment? Budding Einsteins will be wowed by the fascinating activities at the Mad World of Science (ages six to 11) camp. Or, if your child has more of a mind for numbers, Math Mania incorporates everything from multiplication and estimation to story problems and more. How about a new language? Kids can learn Mandarin through music, storytelling, drama and crafts at Mini Mandarin (ages four to eight). Finally, little ones who love Lego and robots will adore Lego Robotics (ages six to 11), where they’ll have the chance to build models and bring them to life.


We’re sure these camps sound exciting, so contact the team at Camp Asia at 6593 3691, info@campasia.asia or visit their website for more details now.

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