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Holiday camps: Banishing boredom with science, technology, and fun!

We all love spending quality time with our kids, but when the school holidays roll around, you can be forgiven the feeling of trepidation that comes with a whole week (or more) without classes. Growing bodies and minds need constant stimulation and thankfully, the team at Whizz Kidz Singapore are experts at keeping your children busy at their fun-filled science, technology and creative holiday camps.

A lifesaver for working parents and highly entertaining for the kids, Whizz Kids have perfected a fine balance of entertainment and education that leaves children with a smile on their faces and a little extra know-how in their heads. From making movies to robot wars, they’ve designed a range of activities and storylines that nurture and develop inquisitive minds, all in the guise of fun and games. We take a look at what’s coming up.

Whizz Kids Singapore, Singapore holiday camps, kids holidays
Kids, brush off your lab coats and get ready for some science!


Dr Evil (5-12 year olds)
Become a trainee henchman and join Dr Evil in his plans to conquer Singapore, and the world! Every day kids will cook up new spy-catching inventions and experiments, learning about forces, magnets, chemistry, electricity and more as they go. Of course, all evil henchmen need to keep fit and a giant inflatable obstacle course is just the way to do it!

Other science focused holiday camps include Dr Who (7-12 year olds), Dr Franky (5-10 year olds) and Mission Impossible 2.5 (5-12 year olds).


Dr Droid (7-13 year olds)
A great way to get a taste for technology, kids will learn how to build and control their very own robot on this action-packed journey into technology and robotics. Under the leadership of Dr Droid, this week of design, engineering and 3-D model printing culminates in a battle of the bots as your kids have their creations fight for supremacy in the ultimate robot wars.

Other technology focused holiday camps include the Dr Lego Bot Camp (5-8 year olds).

Whizz Kids Singapore, Singapore holiday camps, kids holidays
Create your own robot overlord at the Whizz Kidz robotics camp

Movie Making

Whizz Kidz of Oz (8-14 year olds)
Whether they’re a budding young starlet or a Spielberg in the making, this holiday camp will open your children’s eyes to the exciting world of the silver screen. From movie stunts to camera tricks, special effects and editing (using iMovie and Final-Cut pro), they’ll learn from hands-on experience how it all comes together. They’ll also get to make their own mini-movie using clay animation!


Camp Cobra (5-12 year olds)
With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, this camp gets kids going with a wide range of activities. A combo of sports, arts, robotics, animated movie making, science, and games, it’s a medley of fun for everyone. Do note that this popular camp is only available at UWCSEA East.

With camps run island-wide in venues such as United World College (Dover and East), Canadian International School (Lakeside and Katong), eXplorer Kid (Ang Mo Kio), German European School and ISS International School, there’s bound to be a location that’s close to home.

If it all sounds too good and you can’t wait for the holidays to come around, Whizz Kidz also offers fun, science-themed party packages — the perfect way to celebrate your little Einstein’s next birthday.

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Whizz Kidz Holiday Camp dates:

  • 10-14 & 17-21 October 2016
  • 19-23 & 26-30 December 2016
  • 2-6 January 2017
  • 3-7 & 10-14 April 2017
  • 26-30 June 2017
  • 3-7, 10-14, 17-21 & 24-28 July 2017
  • 31-4 August 2017

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