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Holiday camp for Youth Etiquette training: Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime

Wish there was a fairy godmother who could swoop in and mentor your child in the fundamental rules of etiquette? Between school runs, ballet rehearsals and grocery shopping, it’s not easy to carve out time to brush up on the basics with our brood. Enter Juliana Mamoni, internationally recognised lifestyle expert and founder of J Mamoni, the leading lifestyle and etiquette institute of Singapore, to help make your child a social success. Also known as the ‘life guru‘, she’ll be running a series of unique Youth Etiquette Courses for children and teens aged 5 to 17 over the Easter holidays, from 28 March to 1 April 2016 at NUSS Suntec City Guild House.

A member of the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy, Juliana is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic global citizen who has been fine-tuning protocol among Singapore’s elite since 2012. Sign your child up to learn life-long skills with Juliana and her team this Easter break and you’ll be giving them the competitive advantage (or ‘presence power’, as Juliana calls it) needed to handle any social situation with grace and ease and succeed in everyday life, school, university and the workplace. Read on to find out more about J Mamoni’s courses for Young Diplomats (ages 5-7), Little Ambassadors (8-12) and Just Teens (13-17).

FYI: The J Mamoni Institute doesn’t only run courses for children. They also offer individual sessions to boost psychological, physical and social confidence (through fashion design and styling, healthy lifestyle and international etiquette courses), as well as corporate services to fine-tune business and social etiquette, covering everything from hosting skills, communication and dining etiquette, customer service and international protocol, to networking, leadership skills and handling a business dinner.

Teaching kids etiquette
Master the art of dining and table etiquette on J Mamoni’s holiday camps


Etiquette for Young Diplomats (Ages 5-7)

Youngsters can sign up for a ‘A Taste of Etiquette’ this Easter holiday with an introductory 60-minute workshop, or join a six-week etiquette programme, which includes two 60-minute sessions a week. Through fun hands-on lesson plans, role-playing activities and songs, they’ll discover the delights of social and dining etiquette, communication skills and table decoration, and flaunt their newfound knowledge at home with practical exercises. And, don’t forget the tissues for the final lesson as Mum and Dad join their child in a restaurant to witness first-hand the headway they’ve made!

Etiquette for Little Ambassadors (8-12)

Let tweens drum up on decorum as they master the A-Z of everyday etiquette, table manners, eating habits and how to meet and greet like a pro. The development of these skills at this early stage is a sure-fire way to nurture traits, such as courteousness, politeness, sociability and likability, all of which generally makes for happier, well-balanced and more popular children.

Etiquette for Just Teens (13-17)

There’s a fast-track to boosting confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills among teens, and it starts with giving them a solid grounding in all aspects of general etiquette. Youngsters will learn that they are their own best advertisement in life, so how better to help their personalities shine than to equip them with lessons in everyday etiquette, table manners, elocution, the art of conversation, introduction rules and grooming? Plus, they’ll come away from the course with a Certificate of Accomplishment of Children’s Etiquette to add to their CV and impress future employers.

Juliana Mamoni
Founder and etiquette expert Juliana Mamoni

Don’t let a minor faux pas trip up your child along their life path! Book a space on J Mamoni’s Easter holiday camps now. Priced at $350 per student (minimum 10 pax), the 5-day workshops for Little Ambassadors and Just Teens include lunch and a certificate and and will run from 28 March to 1 April 2016, 10am-2pm, at NUSS Suntec City Guild House. For the Young Diplomats’ six-week programme, the sessions are charged hourly at $150/60 minutes (or $100 if there’s a minimum 6 children in a group).

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