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Bar Tab: We review Highball, Kampong Bahru’s hidden gem

We scour the island’s bar scene to bring you the new and the noteworthy – it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! ANTHIA CHNG checks out Highball, a cosy neighbourhood bar located in the Kampong Bahru locale.

highball bar
Feel right at home at this cosy neighbourhood bar

First impressions:

Tucked along the quiet end of Kampong Bahru Road, Highball is a hidden gem frequented by regulars in the neighbourhood. Dim lights, dark furnishings and alternative R&B tunes create the perfect ambience for a post-dinner, weeknight catch-up with good friends. Expect friendly service from the all-female team, including owner and award-winning bartender Kino Soh, known for her unique concoctions.

The Chosen One:

No prizes for guessing what this watering hole specialises in! The highball – a simple cocktail made with a spirit and a fizzy mixer – takes centre stage here. Each drink is served in a tall glass filled with perfectly round and transparent ice balls that not only add visual appeal, but also act as an indicative marker for bartenders to include the right amount of booze. A refreshing, easy-to-drink option is the Japanese Summer ($15), a vodka-based highball with yuzu juice, cucumber, rose and soda. Another popular pick is the Kyoho Fizz ($15), a blend of grape liqueur, lemon juice, sour plum and soda; it comes with a strong fruity fragrance, but offers a nice tangy kick towards the end.

While highballs form the bulk of the menu, there are alternative options, too, from beers and wines to more adventurous cocktails like the intriguing-sounding Matcha Bingsu ($22) and Blood & Sand ($22).

highball cocktail
The Kyhoo Fizz has a fruity outburst, which culminates to a nice tangy kick towards the end.

The Cheapskate:

Prices are nett, and all highballs are sub-$20. Don’t miss the happy hour deals, too; from Monday to Saturday, 4pm to 8pm, housepours and wines go for $10, while mojitos are $15. 

Bite on this:

If you’re looking for a spot with an extensive food menu, Highball wouldn’t be the first place I’d recommend. Apart from regular bar-bites like the sausage platter ($18), there aren’t too many options. Just have your dinner at one of the myriad food stalls along the same stretch before popping by for a drink or two.

sausage platter bar food
Feeling peckish? The sausage platter goes great with the cocktails here.

Last but not least:

The beautiful ice balls in each highball are made using a Japan-imported Hoshizaki ice machine, with every ball going through a round of quality inspection for size, roundness and transparency, before it passes the test!

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79 Kampong Bahru #01-01
6222 0179 | highball.com.sg


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