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Selecting with certainty: Helping you choose a UK boarding school

Deciding to send your child to boarding school in the UK is an important emotional and financial choice. That’s why spending some time talking to knowledgeable school representatives at The British Boarding Schools Show in Singapore on 26 and 27 November may help you evaluate your alternatives – and pave the way for your child’s educational future.

UK boarding school
Develop strong friendships with peers

Why attend the show?

Parents want their children to have the best education possible; they want to place them in the most conducive environment and provide them with high-quality opportunities where they can perform to the best of their ability, and grow into mature and capable adults. It’s essential to be well armed with accurate information in order to select the right school for your child – after all, this is possibly the biggest financial and emotional investment parents will make in their child’s future. Crucially, thanks to this show, you can do so without the need to leave Singapore.

Who will be there?

The Heads and representatives of 20 premium UK boarding schools will be present and available to meet, and you can talk to school specialists about the suitability of particular schools for your child’s academic and social needs. They are experts in assisting you make the sensitive decision to move your child from Singapore to the UK to continue their education. It’s a rare opportunity to speak with representatives from institutions that have educated generations of young people – representatives who understand how their schools can meet the needs of your child.

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Hone musical skills by being part of the school orchestra

What are the benefits of boarding?

Ask almost any graduate of boarding school and they will happily tell you the advantages of such an education. Aside from access to rigorous academic programmes (with tutors and staff on hand), there is also the wide range of co-curricular activities available during the week, while weekends are for recreation, sports, social occasions and structured activities. In addition to the academic benefits, boarders typically mention the value of life skills, such as learning to develop independence and responsibility for themselves. Living alongside a range of people from different cultures and nationalities teaches tolerance and respect, while the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships is celebrated. And let’s not downplay the discipline learnt when making one’s own bed every day!

What questions should I ask?

Anything and everything that will help you decide if the school will meet the unique needs of your child. For example, you could ask about the school’s values, curriculum, academic standards, extra-curricular activities, parental communication, supervision, weekend arrangements, community and support for boarders, boarding facilities, location, and fees and charges.

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Stay active with co-curricular activities including sports

Who can help me make an informed decision?

A specialist tuition and education consulting firm, such as Bonas MacFarlane. Consultants understand what makes a good school and what makes a school suitable for a particular child. They can advise on school selection, either on a consultation basis or through a full placement service.

What schools will be at the show?

  • Bromsgrove School
  • Bedales
  • Millfield Prep School
  • Merchiston Castle School
  • Monkton Combe School
  • Horris Hill
  • Marlborough College
  • Marymount International School
  • Oundle School
  • Strathallan
  • Sevenoaks School
  • Mayfield School
  • Heathfield School
  • Ashford School
  • Millfield
  • The Royal School
  • Godolphin School, Salisbury
  • King’s School, Canterbury
  • Dollar Academy
  • Lord Wandsworth College

The British Boarding Schools Show | Mandarin Oriental Hotel | 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square
Saturday 26 November: 12 noon to 5pm | Sunday 27 November: 12 noon to 5pm
Pre-register online for free entry at singapore.schoolsshow.co.uk

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