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Helping Nepal: Eight international organisations offering support to 2015 earthquake victims

By: Arman Shah Rawi

Nepal is carrying the scars of two catastrophic earthquakes that have destroyed entire landscapes and taken the lives of many in Kathmandu. As the world unites to offer support, you too can play your part by donating to the victims via these eight organisations.



The world’s leading social networking site launched a safety check-in feature that lets people in affected areas notify friends and family of their well-being. All they need to do is mark themselves as safe on their profiles. Facebook also rolled out banner messages on news feeds to allow users to donate to the response team dispatched by International Mercy Corps. Facebook will match every dollar given, up to two million dollars. You too can donate here.

This professional networking site recently partnered with Network for Good to create a page that lets users donate  to charities like GlobalGiving, Catholic Relief Services and the American Red Cross. You too can donate here.

World Food Programme
The food assistance branch of the United Nations is currently in Nepal distributing emergency food rations to 1.4 million children and families affected by the disaster. If you would like to help too, click here.



The United Nations Children’s Fund gives long-term developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Its current concern is the destruction of schools by the earthquakes, which has disrupted children’s access to education. This may expose them to exploitation and abuse in the long run. If you would like to offer some humanitarian aid, donate here.

Red Cross
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) provides worldwide emergency assistance and disaster relief, and is currently distributing emergency supplies to Nepal. If you are in Singapore and would like to donate money for relief items via the Singapore Red Cross, click here.

Save the Children
This non-governmental organisation has been supporting the youths of Nepal and promoting their rights for nearly four decades. It’s now trying to raise $10 million to aid kids in battered villages and communities. You can help them reach their goal by donating here.

Mercy Corps
This global aid agency offers help in transitional environments that have been hit by a natural disaster, economic collapse or conflict. It currently has responders distributing emergency supplies to survivors of the Nepal earthquake. If you want to help provide clothing, blankets, water purification tablets, cooking utensils and shelter supplies, donate here.



Fighting poverty and providing disaster relief around the world, CARE is trying to reach remote areas of Nepal to help countless villagers who have yet to get any help due to blocked access. If you would like to give food, emergency shelter and hygiene items, donate here.