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Health, Car and Travel insurance: Avoid risk and compare quotes to make the right policy choice

By: Rebecca Bisset

If you’re an expat that travels regularly for work, your company probably covers your travel insurance, and you may have health insurance depending on your package. But even then, if you are covered, is it the right coverage for you and will it cover your partner or your family as well?

Health insurance policies are fairly complex; I’ve lived in Singapore long enough to have seen the effects of not having sufficient insurance coverage. We sometimes tend to be an ostrich about this particularly important issue, and if you come from a country that has a national health programme, you’re probably even less likely to be thinking about choosing insurance in Singapore strategically.

There’s so much that is particularly relevant to this country. For example, if you’re lucky enough to own your own car in Singapore, do make sure you’re fully covered. I know in some countries you could get away with only having third-party, fire and theft cover, and in countries like New Zealand, insurance is not even a legal requirement!

On top of that, there’s an entire realm of insurance providers in Singapore that you’ve probably never heard of, so where do you start your search? Online insurance comparison website GoBear helps to simplify everything, making it a lot easier to choose which plan suits you best.


About GoBear and how it works:

GoBear is a comprehensive insurance comparison website for quotes on travel insurance, car insurance and health insurance. Expansion plans are afoot to include home and credit card comparisons soon!

GoBear works by taking your basic details and offering you policies that meet your needs: it’s effectively the only site in Singapore that compares a broad range of insurance policies without bias, and is also free to use.




Benefits of usingGoBearto compare quotes and insurance policy coverage in Singapore:

  • The comparison feature allows users to easily browse through the details of each insurance plan side-by-side to find the best deals
  • Money saving!
  • Allows users to shop for insurance via price and usage
  • Unbiased and transparent reviews of competitive insurance policy quotes
  • Insurance search engine that directs users to the insurer’s or agent’s website to make their purchases directly
  • Free and Easy
  • GoBear organises the complicated information into simple categories – making it easy to see at glance which ones suit consumers’ needs best
  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile friendly  

Experience GoBear’s insurance website comparison tool and see how much you could save! Or email talktous@gobear.com for more information on choosing the right insurance policy coverage in Singapore.