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Halloween in Singapore: A round-up of recipes, party tricks and crafty costumes

Whether you celebrate Halloween in Singapore or not, there’s no denying it’s an event steeped in history that harks back many centuries. For those who do, it’s all about the fun of dressing up, carving out pumpkins and begging for candy.

Healthy Halloween Treats…  

Jack-O’-Lantern Carrot Risotto Balls
Make a risotto with carrot juice, let it cool down and then roll into balls. Use sliced black olives to make eyes and mouths, and place on a bed of green beans.


Apricot Spiders
Cut fruit straps into long strips. Make holes in dried apricots and thread strips through for the legs. Flatten the apricots gently and add raisins for eyes.


Zombie Apple Mouth
Cut apples into quarters, carve a wedge in each one to create lips and brush with lemon juice. Spread nut butter or cream cheese in between two lips and decorate with almonds, seeds or raisins to make teeth.


Cheesy Broomsticks
Cut cheese string or sticks in half, and fray the ends to look like bristles. Use a pretzel stick for the handle and tie cheese on with a chive.

Editor’s recipe: Eyeball Punch

Stuff lychees with blueberries or black grapes and drop into cranberry juice; leave as is for the children or add a splash of vodka for the adults!

Expat Kitchen created these fun treats! They will be running its Kids’ Halloween Soiree on 18 October from 4pm to 5.30pm. Children will learn how to make Severed Finger Butter Biscuits, Mummified Sausages and Graveyard Cupcakes – and get to eat them all, of course. For more information, go to www.expat-kitchen.com, or call 6229 4221.

Putting your party together
What’s the first thing that most people think of when it comes to getting ready for Halloween? A fancy dress costume, of course! Much of the fun is in coming up with a clever costume idea yourself, or finding a little devil outfit for your little angel. But in hot, sticky Singapore, that eye-catching Chewbacca costume might not be such a good idea. Choose a lightweight costume, without fur, a full mask, plastic or leather if at all possible.

Decorations and treats are easy to find in many stores, and pumpkins (although somewhat costly) can be picked up in Cold Storage, FairPrice and most other grocery shops. Don’t carve out your pumpkin too early as it will start to rot in just a couple of days.

Looking for different ideas to style the Halloween house, aside from fake cobwebs, banners and skeletons? Try putting plastic spiders over doorknobs and in treat buckets, or make tombstones from grey card and place them outside. A scarecrow is easy to make from old clothes stuffed with paper and propped up with a spooky mask on. Candles create atmosphere indoors: buy them in bulk from IKEA, or for themed Halloween candles try Yankee Candle in Great World City.

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