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Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for cutting and colouring expat hair – voted by YOU

By: Rachael Wheeler

Now, I don’t know if you’re quite as shallow as I am, but tracking down a decent hair stylist was one of the more stressful parts of moving to Singapore (alongside working out how not to tread little black footprints around tiled floors and finding bread that tastes like actual bread). I found myself desperately running after other blondes in the street and barking: ‘Excuse me! Cooee! Where do you get your highlights done? Which stylist? How much? How much? Cripes! Oh, er, totally worth it though, looks soooo nice…’

Part six: Everyone's fave bit about going to see the hairdresser
Part six: Everyone’s fave bit about going to see the hairdresser

After more than two of the slightly scared expats recommended the same hairdresser, I decided to trot along to see Jess at The Parlour – who banished my roots in spectacular style at a cracking price. ‘Har har har,’ I thought to myself, ‘I’ve avoided that first hair disaster on the island everyone talks about’.

Smugly, I returned six weeks later and was sat chatting about the number of dodgy dye jobs Jess has to fix, when my eyes travelled downwards and clocked what could only be a tidy baby bump. ‘Oh, um, you’re pregnant!’ I stuttered through a dry mouth, ‘Yay, congrats! Could… could someone loosen this robe around my neck? Whew, it’s awfully hot in here, isn’t it? No no, I’m fine, I just need to sit down for a sec… already sitting down? So I am!’

And that was that – I needed to embrace my roots (cue movie-style ‘noooo!’) or find another hair stylist to fight them off until Jess returned. There was only one choice left: Abuse my position at Expat Living and force the readers to give up top salon secrets.

And you didn’t disappoint! After my plea for help, I was inundated with recommendations for individuals who are brilliant with expat hair across the city. And not only did it save my life (dramatic, much?), but it’s super handy for others who are still looking for a hairdresser to suit their needs in Singapore. So here they are – your faves…

The Parlour (Jess is back in action now)
33 Lowland Road, Unit H, Singapore 547429
Call 8106 8099

Amy Strachan: “We have the same hairdresser! I go to Jessie and love her!”
Joanna Nicoletti: “Jessie is amazing with Caucasian hair…mainly because she’s American and actually knows what she’s doing!”
Laura Keeling: “One of Jess’s many skills is applying highlights in such a way that the regrowth is incredibly natural, which makes it easier to kid people I’m a natural blonde. Text her on 8106 8099 if she’s too busy to answer.”

Trimmings at Loewen Gardens
75e Loewen Road, Tanglin Village, 248845
Call 6471 1922

Jessica Wight: “Trimmings @ Loewen Gardens. Superb at blonde highlights and put way more in than I’ve ever had (coming from both Australia & Canada). Good cut too, all at a price that’s pretty good (for Singapore).”
Jacqui Cassidy: “Trimmings. Good cut and color with great recommendations when cutting long hair, short or growing it out.”
Jennifer Clarke: “Trimmings for rebonding – over a $100 cheaper! And lasts for 9 months – I have super thick Crystal Tips-style hair!”
Fiona Dinnis: “Trimmings at Loewen Gardens – some of the best highlights I have ever had anywhere in the world.”

Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for cutting and colouring expat hair – voted by YOU
Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for cutting and colouring expat hair – voted by YOU


Trimmings at Robertson Walk 
11, Unity Street, #02-17, 237995
Call  6737 8512

Jane Godfrey: “Alvin at Trimmings for a great colour and cut!”
Katie Barnsley: “Josh at Trimmings!! Best place so far!!”
Melissa Jane Johnston: “Christian at Trimmings Robertson walk cuts hair to suit the Singapore weather!”
Mirelle Boyd: “Alvin at Trimmings. I have long blonde hair, now after many color disasters I am back to my old self!!”
Hilary Rabey: “Alvin at Trimmings is fab, I have short hair and he always does an amazing job.”
Katarina Anund: “Christian at Trimmings for very fine (Scandinavian) hair!”

Toni & Guy Holland Village
24B Lorong Mambong, 277683
Call 6466 2660

Kelly Jackson Nash: “Head to Tony and Guy at Holland V with Dior!”
Sue Bartlett: “I vote for T&G Holland Village – Louis for cut and Trissy for colour.”
Samantha Beks: “Tony and Guy in Holland – Derek! The best!!!!!”

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#02-12/14, Delfi Orchard, 238876
Call 6733 0933

Rachel Moss: “Dominic at Visage knows what he’s doing with expat hair – I went to him after a home dye job went very wrong and he’s got me back on the straight and narrow!”
Catherine Van Der Wielen: “I really like Visage at Delphi, friendly people, good cut and colouring.”
Caroline Ellford: “I heart Dominic at Visage – good with cuts and especially colour”.
Guy Turton: “My vote goes to Dominic at Visage – the washing part is always a dream.”

Casey Hair and Beauty
#02-08 Palais Renaissance, 238871
Call 62355328

Josie Fear: “Casey’s in Palais Renaissance – Casey or Edwin brilliant for colour.
Zoe Leaver: “Casey’s in Palais Renaissance. Either Casey or Edwin are great for highlights.”
Karen Ellinor: “Casey in Palais Renaissance – you get what you pay for! Been very happy going there for the past twenty three years.”

Hair on Erskine
33 Erskine St, 069333
Call 62245156

Emma Louise Hancock: “Hands down the most lovely and personal hairdresser in Singapore is at ‘Hair on Erskine’ by Andrew Leung. Amazing service, private and spacious salon, gorgeous décor and Andrew is a real darling. Best thing is that it’s a few minutes walk to Club St for post hair cut drinks!”
Sophie Gasser: “I vote for Hair on Erskine. Perfect haircut for me. And nice place.”
Michele Bouquet: “I recommend Andrew at Hair on Erskine.”


DH Salon De Coiffure
31 Haji Lane
Call: 9229 4544

Jayne Edwards: “David Hugo, Haji Lane – fabulous!
Ann Greenberg Rogers: “David on Haji Lane!!!! He is amazing!!! Great color, great cut, great service, fun location. I had so many compliments on my new hairdo!”

Sweeny’s Hair and Beauty Corner
#03-28 Holland Road Shopping Centre
Call 6468 1795

Nicola Wright: “I go to Sweeney’s at Holland Village. It doesn’t look snazzy, but I sat in Chewton Glen and watched a steady stream of Western women walk out with nice hair, so gave it a try. I told Jeff I didn’t want that bleached out highlight look, and he has done a UK quality job of subtle highlights. Best of all, it was only about $130!”

Lesley Goldsworthy: “Sweeney’s in Holland Village – Rosemary is a good cutter.”

Cosmo Hair and Beauty
#B-208 Great World City, 237994
Call 6732 6987

Duepunti Singapore: “If you have long black hair, you have to go to JESSIE at Cosmo, B2 Great World City.”Kate Garvey: “Head to Gino at Cosmo Hair at Great World City”.

Glamour galore at AK
Glamour galore at AK

Alison Kerlin
2-07 Riverside Point, Clarke Quay, 64388801
Call 6438 8801

Kate Townford: “Alison Kerlin convinced me to ditch the bleach and try tinting my blonde hair – the result is so much more natural and I’ll never look back!”
Rebecca Cia: “I go to Alison Kerlin at Clarke Quay, she knows exactly what to do with expat hair. And good location for a glass of wine to celebrate a new style afterwards!”

Essensuals Hairdressing
B1-20 Orchard Central, 238896
Call 68844218

Silvana Gianoli: “Essensuals Orchard Central with Warren Teng!”
Karen Thomas: “Essensuals (Toni and Guy) Orchard Central. Warren is amazing – great haircuts and color.’

Monsoon, Novena
#03-29/30/31 Novena Square, 307683
Call 6333 5586

Jenny Hutchinson: “I go to Monsoon at Novena and my stylist is Kenny. I have very thick, curly hair and he does an amazing job. I adore him.”

Toni & Guy, Rochester
#02-01 Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639
Call 6684 9338

Rebecca Regan: “I love Toni & Guy at Rochester – Tess Yip for colour and Derek for cutting and styling: he also does an AMAZING ‘up do’ if you have a fancy occasion to attend.”

Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for cutting and colouring expat hair – voted by YOU
Hair stylists in Singapore: Top salons for cutting and colouring expat hair – voted by YOU


Far East Plaza #02-69, 228213
Call 6737 9157

Angela Collins: “I just had highlights at D’Mane in Far East Plaza and they are so subtle and amazingly natural looking. Edwin is the stylist who did it. He was lovely and did extra training in the UK – me thinks it’s going to be my hair home.”

Daniel K Palmer
Call 07872616448 or email booking@danielkpalmer.com

Katy Wilson: “Daniel K Palmer is a fantastic hairdresser & comes to Singapore every 7-8 weeks. He understands our humidity issues & gets that we like blonde highlights not orange!”

#02-01 Palais Renaissance, 2388871
Call 67335638

Sarka Kocicka: “Go to David Gan at Passion. He did the best cut ever and it lasts – you don’t need to go back for months! I got my haircut the week before I had my baby end of Jan and it still looks good when I blow dry it. He also did my highlights last month and it’s the first time in Singapore that the blonde hasn’t gone brassy!”

Well, I must admit, I feel a little silly – it looks like there are plenty of great options across Singapore when it comes to dealing with my western locks. A huge thanks to everyone who got involved. Now all that’s left to do is go forth and pamper!