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Hair stylists in Singapore: EL tests out Chez Vous Salon’s Caucasian specialist team

In need of a hair makeover, a trim or even some intense care for your damaged locks, but finding it a challenge to track down a decent hairstylist that can handle Caucasian hair? We hear you – and we’ve been down the disastrous road of fluffy manes and brassy highlights too many times. So when we heard that Chez Vous Salon has a team of stylists that are capable of handling many expat hair woes, we decided it’s about time to visit their swish spot in Ngee Ann City to see if they’re as good as they claim to be.


The sleek interiors at Chez Vous Salon 

Being a luxury salon, Chez Vous is definitely a pricier pick, but after lots of snips, dying and shampooing, we can safely say their experienced specialist team does a great job that’s well worth splashing out on. They were completely honest and truthful about what they could and couldn’t do, and enthusiastically suggested alternatives if something wasn’t possible. Read on for the amazing before-and-after reveals….


Natalie Whittell, Regional Brand Partnerships & Events Manager


The Problem: Dry and frizzy hair, botched blonde highlights
Being a blonde in Singapore is a challenge in itself. I’ve had my hair dyed ginger, grey and sunshine yellow in my three years here. Each time, I whisper it’s fine, pay the full amount and cry for a week afterwards. Going to the hairdressers has become a stressful process that I actually dread, and all that excessive dying has left my hair dry and brittle, frizzing up the moment I step out the door. Long gone are the glossy locks I once smugly rocked in London!

The Solution
Caucasian root highlights: $205
Amplified Keratin Treatment (Mid-Long): $405
Cut: $70



As I seat myself in the fabulously, artsy Chez Vous salon in Ngee Ann City, I nervously explain that I need a full head of highlights while sticking to the current ashey blonde tone that I got during my last trip to London in February. My hairdresser from the team reassures me that she specializes in Caucasian highlights and studied in London to perfect her colouring skills. As she and a trusty assistant get to work on the highlights, I admire how thinly they weave the highlights and how quickly they get the foils in. After an hour, the foils are all out and, even while wet, the colour looks like a gorgeous ashy light blonde, I inwardly sigh with relief.

Next comes a fabulous 20-minute hair wash and head massage before they start with the Amplified Keratin Treatment. I’ve had a keratin treatment before (street name: Brazilian Blowout), and was a little disappointed with the results – I thought my hair would be more silky and manageable. So I was keen to see how this Amplified treatment worked. They slapped the treatment on my hair, painting a section at a time and then left me for 20-minutes to let the Keratin absorb. Whilst I relaxed, I had a gander at the tablets situated at each hair station that were loaded up with plenty of programs to enjoy, slurped a delicious latte and browsed the food menu that Chez Vous offers to each customer.  My hair was then thoroughly blow-dried and straightened to within an inch of its life to seal in the treatment, and then washed again with a keratin mask. Finally, they gave me a stunning cut, taking my hair from a boring mid-length to a snappy blunt bob. Once dried, my hair felt silky smooth and shiny, and I can honestly say I was delighted! To ensure my keratin treatment will last the maximum amount of time (three-months) I picked up a special Keratin shampoo and conditioner.

Although the whole process took nearly five hours, my hair is now in the best condition I have ever seen it and the colour is perfect. Living with the treatment for two weeks now, my hair has never been so manageable. It is silky, shiny, soft and easy to style. The delicious smelling shampoo and conditioner is also helping to keep my hair in check. Although I know it’s expensive, I really can’t recommend this treatment at Chez Vous enough – you won’t regret it!


Leanda Rathmell, Regional Client Services & Production Manager


The problem: Brittle hair and unsightly highlights
A few months back, I opted for a fairly drastic change from brunette to being on the verge of platinum blonde. Though I loved the color, I had totally underestimated the damage and necessary maintenance. The natural sheen and strength quickly deteriorated and I started to notice more split ends and breakage. Whatsmore, my natural dark brown colour meant that I had to retouch my roots every few weeks, so the situation only worsened. Once I had had enough with the upkeep, I tried a cheap ‘cover up’ job, however after a few washes, the highlights reemerged in an undesirable streak of copper and orange tones.

The solution
Cut: $70
Colour: $205
Highlight: $205
Hair Shots: $55
Red Carpet Hair Treats: $245



With Chez Vous being a directors-only salon, I was immediately impressed with the level of detail that went into my assessment and subsequent ‘plan of action’. I was talked through the science behind why my hair is in the shape it was and how they were going to tackle it.

‘Well they can certainly talk the talk, but can they fix it?’ is what I thought while enjoying the complimentary comforts of luxury teas and biscuits that the salon offers. First, they tackled the color, combatting the coppery tones with and heavily-ash based palette of browns, mauve and grey. A wash revealed a healthier head of hair closer to my natural colour. The subtle highlights meant that I could give my hair a break without having to rush to the salon at the first sign of roots showing. Next, the directors discouraged me from choosing a keratin treatment for now as my hair was too damaged and brittle to withstand the high heat used. They applied two forms of treatment that both infused the strands with nourishment and protein, and another that sealed the goodness in. I am more than happy with the outcome – stronger and shinier upon leaving the salon. Two weeks on, I am still wearing my hair frizz-free, and the color continues to look healthy and natural.


Amy Brook-Partridge, Home & Property Editor

Before: frizzy, damaged and over-processed hair 

The problem: Over-processed, dry, broken and frizzy hair
I’m pretty certain that the history of my hair is similar to many other expat ladies here. I’ve been highlighting it for years, and more recently I’ve been colouring to cover the grey, which is becoming an ever increasing job. In this tropical climate, my hair is also wavy (that’s a conservative description) and suffers from dryness and frizz. As I try to exercise daily, I scrape my hair back into a tight sweaty knot, and this has started causing the hair at the front to break and regrow, giving me lots of irritating wispy bits and a not-so-lovely frizzy halo effect.

The solution
Colour to cover grey: $165
Highlights: $205
Cut: $70
Remixed hair treats: $195


After: sleek and silky!

Often, I’ll go to salons and say I want subtle highlights that blend in, but inevitably the same old highlights go over the old ones, making them too light and, in turn, too processed. Chez Vous is a director only salon, and their specialist team are experts in expat hair colouring, which was reassuring. The cut was done dry first, then the colour and highlights together. This took around 90 minutes, and finished with a lovely relaxing head massage in the salon’s inviting shampoo area. The treatments were a concoction put together by the team to target dry, coloured and highlighted hair, as well as hair that’s weak or fragile. All in all, my visit was just over three hours, which was a breeze to sit through in their very comfy salon (they have tablets loaded up with programmes to watch, along with plenty of chargers for various phones in case yours run out of juice, like mine did ). They also have a great selection of teas, coffees, and even a private room for those who aren’t keen on being in the main salon. My colour was perfect – natural and back to my own roots, literally. After two weeks, it still feels in much better condition that it was, even when I’m scraping it back (the team’s extra advice was to use a cloth band, not the heavy elasticised ones that put too much pressure on the hair). Tellingly, I haven’t had to put on half a bottle of serum to keep it conditioned.


Katie Peace, Regional Business Development Manager


The problem: Dull, lifeless, broken and frizzy hair
I have recently transitioned from sporting blond highlights to my natural brunette shade, following some disastrous hairdressing experiences upon arriving in Singapore. Although my hair does feel healthier than it did when I bleached it, it still lacks life, so I was keen to get some highlights to ‘lift’ my colour and give it some texture. I also straighten my hair daily which results in broken and frizzy hair, so I was hoping for a miracle fix!

The solution: 
Highlights: $165 
Cut: $70 
Remixed hair treats: $185 

I am always nervous about getting colour done with a new hair dresser, as I’m someone who smiles and says ‘I love it’ while secretly dying inside. Knowing this, I came armed with a couple of hair colour ideas sussed out from Pinterest. But I needn’t have worried – the expat hair specialists at Chez Vous seemed to instantly understand my horror of stripe-y highlights and orange hair. We agreed that subtle caramel highlights would give me texture without leading to obvious regrowth. While the highlights were applied, I relaxed into my comfy chair along with a tablet provided to surf the web, and enjoyed a hot milo and snacks (my first time trying wasabi potato biscuit!). The hair wash basins are situated in a dark room with hundreds of coloured hankies dangling from the ceiling – the effect is strangely relaxing, and the head and neck massage I received at the same time no doubt helped! The remixed hair treats mask was next – a bespoke creation to address my hair issues. I was told it would help revitalise, smooth and strengthen my hair. Then came another quick rinse before they trimmed my bob and tidied it up. While this bit might sound easy enough, considering the number of poor hair cuts I’ve had resulting in feathered mullets, I felt they did a wonderful job. I find the resulting haircut easy to style (read: less straightening). My hair also feels much healthier, softer and stronger, and the subtle colour has given me the lift I was looking for. 


We think the results speak for themselves! Hoping to have your own hair transformed with the Chez Vous Caucasian specialist team? Ask for the team when you make an appointment by calling 6732 9388 or e-mailing them at emailus@chezvoushair.com.

Chez Vous is at  #05-05 Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road.