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Hair loss treatments for men: What can be done?

Whether they like it or not most men will experience some form of hair loss or thinning. For some it can be a very traumatic experience – just look at what Elton John has put himself through over the years. But the facts do speak for themselves. By age 35 nearly 40% of men will suffer some form of hair loss, a number which rises to 65% by the time they’re 60. We spoke to some experts in the field on what can be done when it comes to regrowth and restoring hair.

Ashley & Martin

Ashley & Martin is the largest medical hair centre in the southern hemisphere specialising in the treatment of hair loss having 24 clinics throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We’ve been regrowing and restoring hair since 1964. After 50 years, we’ve mastered it. In fact, our hair regrowth patients enjoy a 98% success rate.

Whether it’s general thinning or hair loss in a specific area, more than 60% of men and 40% of women will experience a hair loss condition within their lifetime. The results can be quite devastating – especially if you feel there’s no hope. But there is hope, and you are not alone. Every year Ashley & Martin successfully treat thousands of people with a hair loss condition.

So if you’re looking for hair loss or scalp treatment, visit the Ashley & Martin website to find out more, and request a free consultation at our Singapore clinic.

– Richard Bond, Managing Director Ashley and Martin

Ashley & Martin
Level 4, Unit 16/17/18, 190 Clemenceau Avenue,
Singapore Shopping Centre 239924
6338 1988 | glower@ashleyandmartin.com.au


men's hair loss treatments
A painless treatment to target hair loss and thinning

The Sloane Clinic

No man wants to go bald but two out of three will experience some form of hair loss or thinning by the time they reach 60. For some it can happen as early as 20. The reasons are many – stress, lifestyle or over-styling – and finding the right treatment is difficult.

The Sloane Clinic’s Hair Maximiser Program is for men suffering thinning hair without complete loss and general hair weakening. Utilising the FDA approved Revage 670 Laser the treatment strengthens weakened hair roots and rejuvenates thinning scalps. The low-level, non-surgical laser stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles just beneath areas of thinning or balding scalp. Clinical studies have shown that the treatment can increase hair density by 40% and has an 85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss.

So how does a laser treatment feel? The procedure is painless, with a session running for just 30 minutes. Plus, combined with Revitascalp – a targeted blast of nutrients including vitamin B12, amino & folic acids and minoxidil – you can give your scalp the love it needs.

The Sloane Clinic’s Hair Maximiser Program is $3478 consisting of 12 Revage 670 laser sessions plus 12 sessions of Revitascalp and is only available at The Sloane Clinic ION Branch.

– Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic

The Sloane Clinic
2 Orchard Turn, #03-14A Ion Orchard, 238801
6509 8108

men's hair loss treatments
The portable laser treatment patients can use at home

David Loh Surgery

Hair loss is more than just an aesthetic problem, it is actually an under-diagnosed medical condition. Instead of using herbs or tonics with no scientific proof, robust medical treatments with good clinical data, tailored to your specific needs, will give you much better results.

Prevention is better than cure. Patients with early stages or hair loss, or strong family history, should take preventive measures by using a combination of topical and oral medications, mineral supplements and specialty cleansing products.

In moderate stages of hair loss, we also prescribe adjunctive treatments such as scalp injections with growth factors, and low-level light therapy lasers for more effective hair rejuvenation. Our clinic offers a very convenient, portable laser system which allow patients to use at home, even whilst watching TV or reading.

In advanced stages, hair transplantation using the most advanced technology may be indicated.

– Dr Phoon Yishan, MBBS (Singapore) MRCS (Surgery)

David Loh Surgery
Park House
21 Orchard Boulevard #01-27 248645
6733 9114

men's hair loss treatments
Try the Stop&Grow 2 Phase System developed by Hairdreams



Hairdreams has developed a new hair loss treatment in close collaboration with scientists, doctors and universities. During the course of an in-vitro study by the Department of Dermatology at the University of Lübeck, it was shown that excessive, genetic hair loss can be significantly reduced within just a few weeks. ‘Consistent treatment over three months increased hair volume by up to 23%. To understand this in another way, it’s approximately 14,000 more hairs within 90 days for a person suffering average hair loss,’ says leader of the study Associate Professor Dr. Tobias Fischer, PhD.

These results are achieved by the specially developed Stop&Grow 2 Phase System. The first phase utilises Phytohormones; plant-based hormones that block hair loss-causing DHT and awaken “resting” hair roots and Tetra-G-Collagen which anchors hair roots and prevents hair loss. The Taurin-Booster phase activates micro-circulation and amplifies the effectiveness of the main active substances.

As well as the University of Lübeck a study at the Dermatest Institute in Münster assessed the dermatological safety of the treatment as ‘Excellent’. So, if you’re suffering hair loss or thinning call for a consultation today.

51 Cuppage Road #01-09 229469
6589 8795

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