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Hair loss: How to tackle thinning locks

Is thinning hair troubling you? Whether it is caused by ageing, lifestyle or genetics, hair loss can be distressing. So how do you tackle those bald patches? Read on to discover the causes and solutions from the experts at Hairdreams.

woman shocked by hair loss after brushing hair

Hair Loss: The Facts & Solutions

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you’re not alone – most of us experience it at some point in our lives. Annoyingly, how prone you are often comes down to genetics (argh!). What’s more, it can happen to you from as early as 25 years old – as if adult acne wasn’t enough to deal with.

Other factors like illness, stress, diet and hormone imbalances can also affect your mane, making it more brittle or prone to breakage. If you’re after an immediate solution, Hairdreams has various extension systems which can restore your crowning glory, and the Volume+ Hair Thickening system is one of them.


The Process

So how does it work? Hairdreams salons use high-grade, hand-selected human hair extensions to add volume to your locks. The extensions are matched in terms of colour, length and texture for a completely natural-looking result. This new hair is attached using the salons’s revolutionary Nanobond technology, which ensures the bonds are virtually undetectable and lie against your scalp naturally.

The whole integration process is non-damaging to your natural hair, and is discreet and fuss-free. What’s more, Hairdreams hair creations can be worn without limiting your lifestyle (you can even wear them to the gym and in the pool, too!)

Quality Approved

Hairdreams uses only premium quality hair to create its hair creations, and it is used in salons all over the world. Using only 100% real human hair that’s ethically sourced and hand-selected, the hair extensions are first scanned for protein content using laser technology and then categorised based on the condition level. Now that’s quality control!

Long-term hair loss therapy

Excitingly, Hairdreams has recently developed a new anti-hair loss therapy in collaboration with scientists, doctors, and universities, called the Stop & Grow Anti Hair Loss System. Simply apply this liquid elixir to your scalp, and it strengthens your hair at the roots, detoxifies your scalp and stimulates new growth.

The system delivered impressive results in trials, too: during the course of an in-vitro study, it was shown to significantly reduce excessive genetic hair loss within just a few weeks. Consistent treatment increased hair volume by up to 23 percent in three months, depending on each individual’s situation and genetic predisposition. On average, this meant an average new growth of up to 14,000 additional hairs!


Hairdreams hair extensions are available at Hairdreams Couture Salon. To book an appointment, call 6653 5500.