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Hair loss issues? Slow it down with a scalp treatment

Loads of us are guilty of working too hard and not indulging in enough quality rest and relaxation. (Boozy weekend brunches don’t qualify as quality R&R, before you ask.) Racing through life at 100mph can be stressful, not only for your body, but also your hair.  According to Casey Chua, director of Casey Inc salon on Orchard Road, pressure from work, frequent travel and lack of sleep can cause your scalp to tighten, which may lead to common problems like flaky, dry or oily scalp, hair thinning, or even hair loss. Casey Inc offers an express scalp relief treatment for men, just before a haircut, that de-stresses the scalp and stabilises those issues.

Everyone loves a head massage at the barber shop. Everyone. 

Step 1
Depending on the scalp condition, a botanical oil is chosen and then massaged in for ten minutes to relax and stimulate the circulation of the scalp. This relaxes and calms, and usually puts the customer into doze-mode midway through the treatment!

Step 2
After rinsing off the oil, a selected premium shampoo is applied to address those with sensitive scalp issues like dandruff, or an oily or itchy scalp. This treatment arrests, stablises and leads the scalp to a healthier condition, and the head feels lighter and fresher, and ready for a cut. According to Casey, it is important for male clients to start early on this hair treatment if they are to enjoy a healthier scalp and healthier hair.

Tip: An intensive hair care treatment is also available for those who are already starting to show signs of hair thinning or loss. Remember: a healthy scalp means healthy hair.