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Hair loss and thinning hair solutions in Singapore: 6 steps to a fuller head of hair!

By: Rebecca Bisset

Our hair is our crowning glory, and I think one of the most worrying issues, especially post-childbirth, is thinning hair. I remember getting such a fright the first time I saw my scalp shining through my hair in a store changing room. Don’t you hate those overhead lights?

There are a few factors that influence both hair loss and the actual thinning of the individual hair strands. Hair loss occurs when the roots of the follicle do not regenerate quickly or profusely enough to replace the loss.

The causes can be linked to genetics, nutrition, hormones, scalp health, and the condition of one’s hair. Your scalp can get inflamed and irritated due to excessive sebum and chemicals in various hair products.  When these are out of balance, it can result in oily hair and dandruff, as well as an itchy scalp.

In my case, my initial scalp inspection (under the microscope, literally) shows that at the back of my head there are three or four strands coming out of one follicle, whereas on the top of my head, there is only one – and a fairly pathetic looking one at that! The weakness of the growing hair increases hair breakage, and decreases volume or fullness of the hair.

The Trichology team at DRx work on the theory that, if hair loss and thinning problems are caught in time, stimulating and promoting cellular activity in the scalp can be an effective way of helping to bring back fullness. They liken their DRx Hair INTENSIVE REGENERATION THERAPY to gardening! I set about learning about it and its effects with five sessions at their DRx Trichology treatment room.

6 Steps to New Hair

1. A pre-wash solution is rubbed into the scalp to soften plugs, making it easier to clean (Watering the garden)
2. The steamer is used to open up the pores
3. A thorough wash to release the dandruff, excess oils and impurities.
4. Application of HGF – Hair Growth Factor (HGF) serum
5. Micro-needle therapy (11 little needles) to stimulate and promote cellular activity and open up the pores in the scalp to help the absorption of the HGF – it’s a bit uncomfortable (Ploughing the area)
6. You then sit under what looks like a large old-fashioned hair dryer for the low level Laser Therapy.  This is based on the principle of photo-bio stimulation (sunshine on the plants). It not only revitalizes the hair follicle but also strengthens the individual hair shafts. Red light energy massages the scalp, allowing pores to open up and the infrared light reaches the cell structure deep below the scalps’ surface. In turn, this leads to an increase in blood circulation, aiding sensitive or irritable scalps and promoting healthy hair growth cycles.

Home & After Care

Wash every day – you need to do this while you are using the serum anyway because it makes your hair a bit sticky. Then, apply the serum (DRx Control Therapy Treatment Serum) on thinning areas twice. This is a combination of ingredients that stimulates blood supply to the scalp as well as ingredients with astringent qualities to absorb excess oil while having anti-bacterial qualities.

After five sessions I had the scalp inspection again, and although it’s not a clear cut comparison, I noticed that as my (dark) roots are growing out, my scalp looks so much healthier and clearer. The new shoots are much thicker than before. There’s noticeably more volume, and the after photos of the sides show a more consistent covering of hair – less scalp showing definitively.

It’s now nearly two weeks since the fifth treatment, and what I am really noticing is the overall feel of my hair: it’s softer and shinier, as well as feeling fuller. This weekend when I was blow-drying my hair, I noticed my hair line had a whole new layer of hair over an inch long. It’s very exciting!

If areas of scalp haven’t produced hair for a while it’s almost impossible to revive but while there is still life, there’s a way.  And that’s coming from someone who was fairly skeptical at the start.

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