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Guide to using #hashtags


Up until 2009, the hashtag was only ever used when phoning a call centre. Then Twitter placed it in front of some words to help sort tweets into conversations by topic and suddenly the world went hashtag mad. People now use it in their Facebook updates, in texts and one parent has gone so far as to name their child Hashtag (one guess which country they’re from). 

Baby Hashtag
Hashtag Jameson was born at 10pm one November evening in 2012 oblivious to the fact that his arrival was all the web community could tweet about. Everyone’s agreed it’s the trendiest baby name of all time!

According to the Urban Dictionary, hashtagging has nothing to do with the symbol at all. It is “the act of having sex while smoking hash. Derived from ‘to tag’ meaning, ‘to have sex with’, and hash meaning ‘hash’.” For example, “We were bored and nothing was on TV, so Becky and I spent the evening #hashtagging”. 

A person, male or female, who adds a hashtag to every post, status update and SMS. They may frequently finger hashtag (see below) too. It’s a moniker that’s hard to shake, but it can be replaced with the less offensive but more old-fashioned word strumpet. 

Finger Hashing
It’s wrong in every way. If you see someone hold out their index and middle fingers on both hands and then cross them to make the hashtag sign, walk away. Maybe even call the police.

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