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Guide to adult education and enrichment in Singapore

Has learning a second language or improving your vocal talents always been an itch you’ve wanted to scratch? Now is as good a time as any to try an adult enrichment course, with plenty of new programmes being launched in August and September. Here’s a snapshot of a few options around town.

Because its never too late to learn something new

Spanish & Coffee

Las Lilas School’s intriguingly named “Spanish & Coffee” course is tailored for students who are interested in approaching Spanish language learning in a more relaxed way – and in a completely Spanish environment.

The module is 20 hours long – 10 sessions of two hours each, with a break in between where you can enjoy a coffee and some Spanish nibbles. Part of the course is focused on Spanish teaching and learning, while another part of each lesson looks at the Spanish culture and way of life.

Las Lilas offers Spanish language classes at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Las Lilas School is at 180B Bencoolen Street.
6333 3484 | laslilasschool.com

Conversational Chinese

Han Hai Language Studio’s Beginners Conversational Chinese Course is specifically designed for non-Chinese adults who want to learn Mandarin Chinese as a second language. Students will be taught both Pinyin (the phonetic system used to spell characters) and basic Chinese script. The majority of its students are expat trailing spouses and working professionals.

Cost: $680 per level; the price includes a textbook, CDs, an exercise book and other course materials

$3,600 for a one-year membership, with access to all small group classes. Limited seats available


Han Hai Language Studio is at 400 Orchard Road, #15-05 Orchard Towers.6602 8091 | 6737 1587 | hanhai-language.com

Learn Chinese & Japanese

The aim at Janus Academy is to deliver more than just mundane classroom learning, and its specially designed classrooms provide an environment that fuses language and culture in every lesson.

Course 1: Chinese Language

General Chinese will equip you with essential communication skills, while Business Chinese will help you understand how to effectively engage those skills by understanding the Chinese way of doing business.

Next intake: 10 September. Classes every Tuesday, 10.30am-12.30pm or 7-9pm

Course 2: Japanese Language

If you’re a fan of Japanese Anime, J-Pop stars, manga, sushi, Tokyo street fashion or Kendo, or you’re planning to visit Japan or move there for university studies, Janus Academy has native Japanese teachers who are experienced in teaching Japanese as a foreign language at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Next intake: 18 September. Classes every Wednesday, 7-9pm

Janus Academy is registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE) and its courses are PIC-claimable under the training category. (Visit www.iras.gov.sg for more information on staff training.)

Janus Academy is at 80 Marine Parade Road, #10-06 Parkway Parade
6345 8026 | janusedu.com

Sing Like the Stars

Intune Music School’s Broadway Singing Programme is structured as a one-year “start off” course. (The craft of singing really requires at least three years of training for a decent standard of performance.) For the first 16 to 20 hours (4 to 5 months), the focus is on the most basic aspect of the singing skill: tone production. Correct tone production enables a singer to:

• give his or her voice the best vocal beauty possible

• negotiate vocal registers

• negotiate a wider vocal range

• maintain vocal health

• make more interpretative choices due to better skills

During this initial period, course content will include anatomy and the science of breathing for singing and using your vocal apparatus, breathing technique, tone production and vocal placement, vocal range and registers, and the placement of your speaking voice for better vocal health.

After the first 16 to 20 hours (hours vary according to ability), the course progresses with songs to develop interpretation skills and song delivery such as phrasing, correct song and style choices and presentation skills. Students will build a repertoire of music they can sing for performances and auditions. Music theory will also be taught as part of the course.

Each level is a full year (48 one-hour lessons) in duration. Only individual or duo lessons are available. Pricing is $350 per person for a set of four individual lessons, or $260 per person for duo lessons.

Intune Music School is at 1 Selegie Road, #02-12/13 PoMo.
6336 0335 | intunemusic.com.sg